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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Note to Self...

Note to Self:

Not ALL plugs are interchangeable. Sure - perhaps the Power Adaptor for the camera charger and the drill adapter work. Perhaps the video camera adaptor can be substituted for the drill adaptor. However, should you take the computer power plug and use that in place of the drill power plug that you happened to misplace - oh - well before you moved a year and a half ago - well, then - Houston we have a problem.

RIP my dear Black & Decker. You served this household well and I'm so sorry I contributed to the demise of your rechargeable power pack. I had no idea that the power pack would liquefy from the inside from the intense heat. And may I say that the power pack melting from the inside makes the most horrifying smell. I promise that the new fate will not befall your cousin when it moves into your room in the toolkit tomorrow.

Black & Decker Drill - 2001-2008

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