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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Consideration - A Lost Art Form?

Don't mind me - I'm a bit heated.

What ever happened to consideration? If someone is not going to do something, just tell them. That's how I am. However, I am fully aware that not everyone is like me. I tend to consider other people's feelings before I consider my own. However, there are individuals that assume one is a mindreader or one just "knows". Well, I am neither. Apparently that skillset was NOT distributed to me and, if it should have been, please let me know who I need to contact to curse the hell out. And no, I don't show up late to soirees - to me that's just rude. If I had gotten the memo of the change of plans, surely I would have made the appropriate arrangements, especially since I had cancelled plans to attend the hastily put together soiree. And, surely, you understand that I felt like a heel for promising to attend and then having to renege on my promise, right. Wait - I should have KNOWN that the plan changes would have been in effect. OOPs - that falls under mind reading. Sorry - again, I need to curse out the individual who forgot to give me the mindreading skill. It won't happen again, I'm sure.

Also, while I am in rant mode, it appears that daily, one keeps trying and trying and trying to see just how much I can take before I reach my breaking point. Or, if that's not the case, then they are just pushing their limits time and time again. And now apparently I also need to inherit the skillset of policing the world and just anticipating that everyone is going to screw up and, if they do - well, indirectly it's my fault because, clearly, I should have anticipated that they would screw up and I should have implemented preventative measures to avoid it.

Also - I don't tolerate bullshit well - never have and never will. I see through facades too - it's a nifty little skill they taught us at the Cable Company. We had to know when cable thieves were pulling the wool over our eyes and I can only hear "No, Ms. Lys - I didn't tamper with the cable box and open it to all those nudie channels. My kid put birthday cake in the box and *poof* it opened to the Spice Channel. I swear!" So, enough stories like that and our boss was stressing the fact that we all "need to read people - our team must have specialized training" and *poof* after a fabulous law enforcement group came into the Cable Company, we were taught how to read people - which translates to the day to day even now. I am great at reading jurors. It's a nice little skill to have. Even better is when I can read people either on the phone or in my face. So when one is all up in my face all friendly, I see through that. When one is in their office mumbling, I see through the prior friendly facade - and I can hear some things. All those gigs back in the day didn't totally wreck my hearing.

Let's just say "I'm aware" and call it a day. And I'm aware that, clearly, some people just don't think of others at all.

*jumps off soapbox*

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