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Friday, August 15, 2008

And The Pic Of The Week Goes To...

Saturday night, one of my boyz, CK, took some seriously funny pics that border on blackmail quality.

Now, I intro'd you earlier to CK with my boyz OurBuddy and Jas. Girls, let me tell ya, CK is always the charming one. Girls have their hearts melted when this gentleman walks in a room. Seriously - charming - he haz it. Puppy dog eyes. Check. Joey Tribiani's "Yo" - check. Well, I saw one of his pics and IMMEDIATELY sent it to Meowmix going "This is SOOOO blog fodder!". She protested. I ignored said protests and CK gave permission to post.

Here is Meowmix getting the shock of her life on Saturday courtesy of OurBuddy. Of course there are more photos but you'll have to ask nicely to see those *LOL*

Somehow I think Meowmix is bringing her 'cuffs next time.

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