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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More DirecTV Stupidity...

Did you know that DirecTV:

I'm happy to report that after 4 hours of my life that I will never get back, constant repeating of my story again, and again, and again, howls for a MANAGER v. Supervisor, etc., it took ONE LONE Supervisor, Ms. Laura, who apparently was no stranger to this mess and probably has heard it all before.  She gave me the requisite addresses and told me that there is nothing she can do - it's in the offices of the Billing Dispute department and the General Counsel.  She also is sending me a final bill - turns out I was paid up through Sept. 15th when I paid on Sept. 4th and the $141.65 should have never been billed.  No kidding Sherlock!

One bright note, USAA has been a godsend in this drama and are helping me through the ramifications.  As much as I whined about the cable install upon moving here, I could hug Comcast right now.  I am a stickler for brand loyalty and I will NEVER leave USAA and Comcast and I will be BFF from hereon out.

Monday - I have tons of letters to write to the Attorney General in Florida & California, the Better Business Bureau, the FTC and the FCC about the DirecTV drama.  DirecTV's in-house counsel's assistant will be none too pleased at the amount of paperwork coming their way.

DirecTV - we're done.  There is no Ross/Rachel break - lose my phone number, lose my name and, yes, GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!

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