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Just Because...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Remember that track from Will to Power – Dreamin’?  I have to say that EVERY time I hear it, I flash back to the 80s and remember days on the set, my Philly crew (when they (and I) were young, etc. etc. etc.  However, the song also reminds me of my days at Annie's when I was just out of college as well because Chris, the DJ, used to play it CONSTANTLY.

Anywhooo – onto the subject of dreams… My friends crack up at times because I will have a dream, wake up and go “Holy Crap” and not in a good way.  I often joke about it being “Indian/Irish Intuition” but I know when I have dreams about certain people in my life, often I will check on them to make sure they are okay.  It’s how I found out that EJ was in the hospital,  that A. was getting married (don’t ask!), etc. 

Yesterday, I had the WEIRDEST dream – and I don’t know if it was motivated by an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (shush – Marc Blucas reminds me of BR in the worst way) or possibly someone bringing BR up to me a few days prior, but one of the main characters was BR.  And it wasn’t good.  I can’t go into particulars but I knew that something was up and I couldn’t figure out what it was.  And BR was trying to shield me from whatever the situation was. 

Luckily, I caught BR on chat and he was fine.  He joked with me asking if he “expired” in the dream and, quite frankly, last I checked he wasn’t a gallon of milk or somethin’ (jus’ playin’ Brenn!) but I had to laugh.  I basically brushed it off and called it a day.

Well, BR has often cautioned me on jumping into things feet first but he also is one to push me to achieve my goals.  The sense of foreboding of earlier rang true when my phone rang and on the other end was MB going “OK – what is your airport now that you’ll fly out of.  You have a gig to promote.”  I protested to no avail (new possible job; the dog; what the heck am I going to WEAR?!?!?!) and I accepted the reality – I’m diving head first back into PR for a brief moment.  It’s a big project that I can’t really announce just yet but when I can, I’ll disclose to y’all first!

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