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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Marvelling At The Brilliance...

Man, my day has been quite the active one today...

I have been having quite the time getting Sir Wiggy up in the morning for his morning constitutionals. It's a vast difference since when he first lived with me - that boy was up at 5 or 6 a.m. ready to greet the world. Come 7:30 I'm shaking him awake gently and he's looking at me with that vacant glare like "Momma, puleaze - I iz seeps!" At 7:45, I'm shaking him again and his reply - he rolls over. At 8:00, that's it - he's got 10 minutes to run outside and pee or I am late for work. He gets up begrudgingly like how dare I wake the king from his slumber and trots out to the living room to see where the cat is. Then he remembers "OH Door is at end of hall." and he slooooooowly trots down to the doorway while I'm walking behind him going "Wiggy - you are dilly-dallying - MOVE IT!" My neighbors must think I'm nuckin' futz, I swear.

So this morning was yet another round of "Wiggy Wake Up!" and it set me behind on my schedule a bit. Fine, no Starbucks drive by would be possible as I grabbed a diet coke for the road. As I'm heading to the 9to5, my GPS tells me there is a back road that will shave 15 min. off my commute. GREAT! Not only would I be early, but that also would mean that I don't have to deal with the senile Conshohocken police officer and his sidekick dopey crossing guard who hold up traffic without fail every. single. day. [The two stooges only let one car at a time through the intersection (and it's a two lane highway - figure Car A waits while Car B goes - then the cop lets a ton of cars out from the cross street and then Car A can go while Car C has to wait - it's a NIGHTMARE) as Officer Dipstick marches through traffic looking in cars for seatbelt. offenders].

I take the shortcut and am movin' right along - 10 min. down the road, I see this HUGE sign looming in front of me that says "ROAD CLOSED."


So I make a u-turn and head back up the huge street to the main road and thankfully there was another back way in. However, still I was way behind schedule. *UGH!* "Brilliance, Lys, Sheer Friggin' Brilliance!" I griped as I mentally slapped myself upside the head ala Gibbs from NCIS.

Cutting to lunch hour, I had to run to the King of Prussia mall to Borders to pick up an updated AP Stylebook and got there in record time. YAY! I figured things were turning my way - until I decide in yet another fit of brilliance that I'd grab a coffee from Starbucks down the hall instead of going through McD's drive through when I got back near the office. That would be a wonderful plan if only the Barista knew how to multi-task. The man had 4 coffee orders and could only methodically mix one at a time while ogling some mall rat girls (Don't they have school?!?!). Well, 15 min. later for my venti iced non-fat caramel macchiato, I had to run like the wind to get into Borders and grab the book which was buried in the vast back of the store and race back to the car. UGH! Again with another mental slap to the head as I hightailed it back to work.

Seriously, these ideas of brilliant time saving have to stop or I just need the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland to keep me on schedule.

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