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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Tale Of A Broken Heel...

It's been a day, and not in a good way either. The thing that bothers me the most is what happened to something totally irrelevant to the Project Hell, but something VITALLY important to me.

My Steve Madden Black & White Spectator Shoes that I lusted after for so long and adored - one of the shoes is in critical condition. No, I didn't do anything stupid to it. No, I haven't walked THAT much where it would be damaged already.

Due to drama at the 9to5 there was a bit of a disconnect this morning and I had to race downstairs to have a copy job done ASAP of a piece of the Project needed first thing this morning. Somehow in my "have to hurry - DAMN we're already late (to something that I CANT be late to)" go-go-go attitude - I fell down the stairs. No, there was no alcohol of any sort *LOL* involved. No, A was not nearby (nice try Meowmix). I just fell down a flight of concrete stairs. Thankfully, my butt had enough padding wherein I didn't break anything but my knee and my butt hurt like mad and I scraped the side of my foot on the concrete during the fall. I was already hobbling like Igor from pulling a muscle the other night.
However, my Steve Maddens were not so lucky. The heel on the right one broke and the back of the shoe caved in during my attempt to scramble and get some sort of balance. Sadly, I don't think the shoe can recover from its critical condition. So, I'll be sitting on the sidelines waiting for the cobbler to perform emergency surgery on those puppies. Those were one of my must have go to shoes :::sigh:::

If the Right Steve Madden Shoe doesn't pull through, I'm hunting down a new pair on EBay. Or better yet - I'm gonna tell said individual who caused said drama - they owe me a pair of shoes!

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