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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chef Lys Strikes Again...

I decided that I would rebel for Thanksgiving because, really, outside of stuffing ourselves on Turkey day and being with family and friends, it's all about the leftovers, right? So, while I had Mexican on Turkey day (because I'm really rebellious *LOL*), I decided to make a turkey breast myself last night. However, I forgot to look up a recipe :::sigh::: I also didn't want to break out the cookbooks either, because, well, I got this.

Well, I whipped out my Le Creuset, looked at the instructions on the package for cooking times and figured "What the hell - I Got This!". I channeled my inner Barefoot Contessa and can I say a year or so of watching the Food Network really helped. When I start cooking, I get into a zone where I just forget about my workload and focus on the cooking. So, out came the cutting board and the knives and I went to town.

I cubed up 4 Yukon Gold potatoes and a yellow onion. I seasoned them with EVOO, Salt, Pepper and a touch of Herbs de Provence. Then, rather than use a rack and a big pan which I'd have to clean, I decided to put the Turkey Breast on the vegetables at the bottom of my LC Braiser. I doused the turkey breast with more EVOO, Herbs de Provence, Salt & Pepper and into the oven it went for 1 3/4 hours. I made stuffing (OK it was from a box but I added some apples to it and more Herbs de Provence - sue me), made an Eggnog Cocktail (SoCo w/ Low Fat Eggnog) and waited for the final result.

And here it was. The Turkey had to be cooked with its net on, but it came out PERFECTLY and needed no basting. I think my cooking mojo is about to resurface after the work project. Now I'm off to make a Turkey panini with provolone, pancetta and tomato. Again, because it's all about the leftovers (with the added bonus of saving me from takeout.)

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