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Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyber WHA?

Day One (well technically Day Two) of the work thingy is done and over... 5 more days... (or perhaps more - I'll know more on Friday. Developments were happening like mad this morning and my head was spinning more than Britney on a dance floor.

But in my whole flurry of activity this morning and yesterday, I completely spaced out that today is Cyber Monday. And, of course, Ebates is doubling the cash back on EVERYTHING. Dammit - the one day I can't really shop. However, I did save about $30 on the CSI dvds and, perhaps I might pick up a little Principessa for a giveaway to some blog readers for the holidays. We're talking creme of the crop here store wise: Nordys, Bloomies, Macys, Sur, the whole shebang. And you get paid to shop - well, its a bit but still - every bit helps right.

Anyways - get started on your shopping early, won't ya. Check out Ebates here and, if you are interested sign up. You get a bonus, I get a bonus - it's all good :) And, like I've said before coupons and sales are good. Cash Back is even better!

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