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Just Because...
Just Because...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

That Time Of Year Again...

Did y'all know it was DeLurker Day?

Are you a "Lurker"? If so, this is your day to come out and say "HI". I mean I know y'all lurk. Hell, I lurk. But, when it comes to DeLurker Day - it's time to just click on that little comment button and say hello to the ones whos thoughts you read.

I know I am out of it (but we'll just attribute that to the blonde side of me) but oy vey! I thought DeLurker Day was not too long ago. I could be wrong. However, today, January 10, 2008, is the time for y'all to flash my blog and let me know you're here.

So, with that being said, I'd absolutely adore it if you leave a little comment and say "HI." I know there are more readers just from my stats and my curiosity is killin' me. For first time visitors, "HI" and "Welcome". To quote a friend of mine, this blog is like having a conversation - scattered with a bunch of different things - shopping, cooking, decorating, various rants by yours truly, some videos, musings and interaction. I can even put people to sleep with some of my entries (and I've got 355 to go - wheeeeeeeeeeee!). I've noticed that many of the crew that reads Just Because... also read other blogs located on the side blogroll. It's a really great community of people. C'mon - would I steer you wrong? Also, if I don't have your blog on my blogroll, let me know and I'll mosey on by and visit. So please leave a little comment luv - ok - I'm done with the begging :)

Thanks to
Kalisa for the heads up. You also might want to visit her blog as well!

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