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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Emerging From The Bowels of Hell, I Mean Florida Mall...

Last night, I emerged from the bowels of the Florida Mall a bit disappointed but comforted in the fact that my shopping could be done online. Why - because then I could coupon and cash back everything.

I went to Saks and found NOTHING. First of all - Saks, realize that you need to carry more plus size fashions than ONE CORNER (and a small corner at that). With all the retail space in your store, 2 small aisles that was smaller than a CLOSET does not suffice. Shame shame.

I went to Nordys and, while I saw many lovely dresses, the one that I was looking for (Contender No. 1) was NOT there. :::sigh::: I did see a gorgeous blue dress and a few others, but again - plus size formal fashion - more elusive than the Holy Grail my friends. I'm still looking - I got time. Lesson learned - a gal should always have a fabulous black cocktail dress that will go for any occasion. I'm also on the hunt for that. What can I say - I'm picky.

So, I did what any other disappointed wench would do - went shopping for shoes. And the ones I loved - not there. The gorgeous Justino sandals that I wanted to wear at the show - the girl at Nine West actually asked me "Are you sure they are ours?". Thank god for the Blackberry and a link on my blog because [BOOM] there it was on the 9West site. She even took my phone into the stockroom to see if she could find them back there. (She better not have called Zimbabwe or the Ukraine or some other foreign land.) Sadly - they didn't have but she did try to talk me into some pump that had a lucite heel. (Are you friggin' kiddin' me?? DOH!)

Those gorgeous spectator mary janes - Nordstrom had NO idea about anything even though it was on their site. I was told "I don't think they are here yet". Really? You don't say. The shoe manager wasn't even familiar with the brand and he even tried to point me in the way of the Juicy. Juicy and I are NOT friends, especially when it comes to the shoes.

So, home I went, and click I did. One of the highlights of my fervent clicking, searching and browsing - I found the Spectator Mary Janes at Urban Outfitters which is a cash back store and I also found a coupon for 20% off. Let's just say it was MUCH cheaper than at the Nordstroms site. Now I'll wear these with my well loved Chestnut Kiyonna dress currently in my closet and that will be dinner at the Ivy.

And, rather than investing in some pricey Louboutins (like I can - surely I'm suffering from delusions), I found the Steve Madden version on the cheap at SMART BARGAINS of all places. I knew there was a reason I'm a member of their Shoppers Club. It should be live on the site tomorrow (hopefully) but I'm wearing these to the awards. I'll be comfortable. I'll be taller (because the guys we're going with are taller than I. Hell - the way I feel today - Mickey Mouse is taller than me.) and I can boogie the night away while having a few cocktails courtesy of Mr. Open Bar. And then I can stumble across the street to the hotel, rest for a couple hours and then fly my happy behind home.

And, re: the Grammys - Kimmy, no, not famous - not. even. close. I had to giggle when I saw that comment last night. MB has it better - he's got the AMA's ON lock - I can't even get IN that joint. Basically, in a nutshell, my NARAS membership is a remnant of my entertainment publicist days. With our yearly dues, I get benefits such as a snazzy Christmas card, ability to attend workshops and panels for free (or minimal cost) (my NARAS regional office is in Miami and yeah - 4 hours to go to a producer panel - not. I do try to go to the Winter Music Conference soiree tho in Miami), fabulous discounts, ability to get insurance, etc. The main thing is the ability to purchase tix to the Grammys.

Listen - unless you are a nominee or a REALLY high up bigwig at NARAS, you are paying out the pocket to go to the show. One of my friends, a great producer and client, has been a member for years, votes every year, that boy even won a Grammy and, guess what, come award time - that boy is coming out the pocket for his tickets if he wants to go. We're allowed to buy 6 tix total - 4 cheap seats, 2 big pimpin', you might have to mortgage your child seats. And the member HAS to be in attendance or noone is getting in. The security is ridiculous. The other thing is we're not seated on the floor (bigwigs and nominees, presenters and entourage only), go backstage or any of that mess.

The afterparty is where the magic happens. Where else can you almost run (literally) into Kathy Griffin [she's short btw], have dinner prepared by Dinner Impossible's Robert Irvine, Top Shelf ANYTHING you can think of Open Bar, goodie bags, private performances by artists like Black Eyed Peas, Musiq Soulchild, John Legend, etc. and boogie your little heart out on the dance floor next to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. I mean I saw people that evening that didn't phase me but when I had those two legends right next to me and I'm sans voice. When I told Producer Boy about it, he laughed at me. Now if he was AT the awards, I know he would have teased me unmercifully and then intro'd me to those two. Hell I could have intro'd myself - but I'm shy. I'm quiet. [Well, just then]. Reese is the confident one. I tend to shrink into my cosmo. But I will say this - when you are with some great people, it's a blast. Hell - if I knew THEN what I know now, I would have met Giada de Laurentiis because the Grammy Behind the Bash that they filmed was the one that Reese, MB and I were at. Fun times, fun times. Let me get off the memory lane ride now.

The 50th is the one I'm jazzed about because the buzz is they are going to go ALLLLL out. And this year - this year will be a good time. I'm looking at it this way - I get to attend the prom after being on punishment imposed by my wallet and other things for 2 friggin' long years. Also, I'm hoping that we can get into some of the other afterparties. I just need to get into gear contacting some old publicist buddies who I know will be either the door biatche or in control of that velvet rope.

We'll see. Now I have to figue out how to sneak the BB past the watchful eye of those damn security @*#*#*#.

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