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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Want To Lose 5 Lbs?

I found a good way to get rid of 5 pounds easy - and I'm not talking water weight. Noooo. If you want an easy way to get rid of a pesky 5lbs, just get a haircut.

I was sitting in my hairdresser's chair today lamenting about the drama that was Grammy 2008 (grrrr) and when my hairdresser asked me what I want to do I commented, "I dunno - surprise me". I wanted something shorter and she went nuts. 30 minutes later, a floorful of hair and *boom* the hair is short. I haven't had hair this short since well, when I was 18. While it's not as drastic as it was back then, it's still hella short considering that my hair was WELL past my shoulders and long enough for a ponytail on top of my hair. I now look *gasp* professional. My friends will be shocked. Normally when I cut my hair shorter it has to do with shocking or pissing off a guy. (I know I know - I'm silly). This is the first non-guy short haircut and I actually like it. It will be super easy to dry, no need for any headbands, and no popping my shoulder in a futile attempt to straighten it. My hair has a mind of it's own and I finally have a haircut that works with my hair's stubbornness.

I know one thing - I'll look fabulous in a turtleneck!

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