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Friday, January 11, 2008

There's A Reason For Everything...

I'm a bit miffed and I pray that the Clooney can get everyone into a room and make some sense of this whole Writers Strike thing..

Read this.

Yeah - Not pretty. Not to mention I called the NARAS office today and, without going into detail, it was enough for me to contact those who were planning on attending to hold off until we hear more. This is why I get the tix first, then book travel, hotel, and then dress.

Am I pissed, yes. But moreso at the idiots who are not listening to the writers. I'm also disappointed because I was really looking forward to show, catching up with Reese, Rom & Jas, meeting potential clients, drinks with a couple fabulous publicists, stalking Clooney visiting the WB, getting out of the office, etc.

I'm sooooo tempted to use that moolah earmarked for the trip for something fabulous (and NO I'm not getting Loubous, but now that I think about it... ). Nah - into the savings it will go.

Countdown to the 51st??? :::Sigh:::

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