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Friday, February 15, 2008

An Apology from Moi to You...

Many many MANY thanks to Erin over at ERIN COOKS who alerted me to an interesting fact - my feed was not showing up on people's readers. I don't check my feed on my own reader - because, quite honestly, I'm still behind on blogs I find. I even had to weed through my sidebar to see what blogs are active, what are dead - what ones are coming back (Y'all know who you are - this is my begging - PLEASE! :)), etc.

If y'all know me, I can program the time on my VCR, set up the electronics in my house and I am smart for a blonde yet when it comes to that damn DVD recorder that's collecting dust, I'm inept. I'm learning computers slowly. I'm not a whiz like my boy BR who is beyond technologically savvy. I'm still learning all the bells and whistles on the new 'puter and every day is a new revelation. Hell, it took me YEARS to learn how to cross crap out edit. I'm no HTML wiz by any means, but I get by. So when I heard my feeds were not burning, I jumped on Feedburner so quickly my own daggone head was spinnin'. Off to the help section, browsing, clicking, finding other people with issues, hitting up Bloglines F.A.Q., etc. etc. etc.

I think I fixed the problem, but I apologize for the 26 posts that showed up in people's feeds today. I seriously did not make up 26 posts yesterday. I'm yappy - but even I can't post 26 different items in a day. There's not that much in this blond brain of mine. I am, however, blogging daily for 365 days my friends - sometimes twice. It's the Na-Blah-Blah thing some people dared others to do (Hotfessional - you know I'm callin' you out, right?) and oy vey - fresh content daily has this gal's brain on overdrive. I even sit with my friends and when something happens, they'll comment "This would be GREAT for blog fodder, right?" Yeah - my friends are *ahem* special (jus' playin' - I lurve my friends. They are fabulous!)

I will have a fun post later today - promise, because it's in relation to something that happened last week and I've been meaning to blog about it. Let's just say it involves H., MB and a VERY tall man - well two. And yours truly wound up wearing flats. Go figure.

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