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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Internet Has The Power To Connect...

Ahhhh... the memories.

Over the past couple of years, the lovely internet put me in touch with a few people I never thought I'd run into or talk to - like ever. As many know, outside of a few selet people, I pretty much cut my Western Mass ties. However, through the lovely invention of all that is Facebook,, MySpace, etc. - there are people that I've "virtually" run into that kinda puts a smile on my face.

Recently, I was chatting with one buddy of mine, Mat, who went to middle school, high school and, unbeknownst to me, college with me. The college explanation is easy. I went to college later than he did. We both graduated high school in 1989 and while I started college in 1991, he started right after graduation. He graduated in the year I hit the party scene with A. and A.'s lovely roommates. I'm surprised that Mat never really went to any of A's parties over at Gateway (where the Juniors/Seniors had "apartments" and where much debauchery was had). When Mat and I chat, it's always amusing. I think he tortured me in grade school but I'm experiencing a tad bit of senility so I'll give him a pass.

One of the flashbacks I had when thinking about something Mat said was an old classmate of ours, Jack.

See, back in the day I probably aspired to be a female version of J.R. Ewing. I was an evil little minx and, this one boy, Jack, really pissed me off. He pissed me off doing something (I can't remember what) and, ever the resourceful one, I caught him and his friend John on tape talking about our teacher. It wasn't pretty, let me tell you - it was enough to scare the beejezus out of him. So, in true JR form, I blackmailed Jack (and John) successfully for a few days to do whatever I wanted (probably homework or something) all while dangling the tape over their heads. Eventually, I got found out or they ratted me out but still - that was one of the memories that came to mind when thinking about the days at old St. T's.

I mean, really it wasn't anything eventful - it's grade school and I went there from grade 6 through 8. It was a catholic school so you know there was mass regularly. Also, I remember having to go to a funeral for a teacher's friend at the adjoining church (Field Trip - boy did that piss off my parents), and the eighth grade trip to the Kennedy Library in Boston. I think I still have pictures SOMEWHERE from it. However, I'll erase the memories of the cute older boy I had a crush on *Scott* who sang in a band which played our school dances *no comment*. I won't even talk about how he's some music supervisor or something in LaLa land and I have to pitch this same boy for a client of mine. *gulp* I won't recall the boy I chased something awful *David* or his dumb football player friend *Ed*, one who broke my heart when he went to public school and the idiot who went to my high school and would bug me for answers to the Algebra exam. And, if Mat brings up the name of the two guys who probably would sing show tunes duets together one more time, I'll reach through his email and smack him something awful. (Especially since ONE of those guys kept emailing me all last year to get together because his family lived here IN town - ummm.. no)

However, looking back - while I hated it then, the school wasn't THAT bad. Well, except for the time my mom went to the Bahamas with her friends and I convinced my dad for a whole week how sick I was and how I had to stay home. Again - let me remind you - quite the evil minx. Boy did the nuns in charge give me grief for that. After middle school graduation, I continued to the catholic high school and many of my friends went to the public schools so high school was a whole other hell. Reflecting back on the high school years, I really detested that high school and to this day I refuse to go to any reunion - no matter how many times the high school calls and writes for money. However, one of my close friends from back then also located me on Facebook. Should I ever go to Vegas, newsflash - she's meeting me for cocktails. However, thankfully I'm not with the same guy who hit on her at the prom.

Pretty much, the internet is always full of surprises - and in this case, it's digging up my past and going "Remember when..."

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