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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Six More Things...

Yeah - Hotfessional put it out there and, since I have a day of uninspired Nah-Blah-Blah to get through, it's that time again - MEME Time... Except I'm not tagging people or posting rules because I think most of y'all know how the game is played. Hey - the Meme police to sue me - or at least send a cute cop.

So for some more bouts of randomness, heeeeeeeeerrrrreeeeeee we go.

1. I have a love/hate relationship with horror films. Like now, I'm watching The Exorcist. I know at some point I'll hear a noise tonight and be spooked to where I'll either go grab Shadow and have her sleep in the room or turn on some light but do I stop watching - nooooooooo. The Chiller Network is one of my favorite channels - Friday the 13th, Kindred the Embraced, Millenium, Tales From the Crypt, Alfred Hitchcock - the list goes on and on. But I can't stand gore. So, if you ever are in my vicinity when a horror show/movie is on, you might see me look away or cover my eyes with my hands, but know this - somehow, someway - I'm STILL watching that gory scene - through my hands are out of the corner of my eye. And I just can't stop.

2. I cannot listen to certain songs without getting all nostalgic, weepy, pissed, emotional, giggly whatever. Some prime examples - "Crazy for You" by Madonna (Jr. Prom), "Sweat" by Inner Circle (A. - well there were ALOT of songs that were ummm.. memorable to us - we'll leave it at that, 'k); "If You Love Me" by Brownstone (Annies Nightclub and the torture we would weave there); "Blaze of Glory" by Bon Jovi or "Full of Grace" by Sarah McLaughlin (Nick), various 80s songs that played on the show, etc. etc. etc. There are WAY too many to name - so if a song is playing and I appear to be a bit umm.. quiet - just give me a second.

3. I have an annoying habit - I crack my right ankle. I don't often notice I do it. Can't do it with my left ankle - just the right. Main time I tend to do that - watching tv or when I'm trying to, yet again, stop my mind from racing at work.

4. In high school, in order to take Spanish, I had to take 2 years of Latin. 2 years of an archaic language which I thought I would never use in real life. Turns out I use the Latin more when it comes to the 9to5 and the Spanish - yeah - don't know that much outside of the swear words. I guess my father was right. I still haven't figured out why the hell we did algebra and geometry for.

5. I adore photos. If you come in my house, you'll find a plethora of pictures and picture albums. I should scan them and archive them but there's something to be said about flipping through photo albums from back in the day. However, I refuse to scrap book those photos (Sorry Keri). I just can't bear to take scissors to the original photo and with all my moves, who knows where those negatives could be.

6. If I'm out with friends and doing cocktails, there is one type of alcohol I really can't drink. Trust me, in college we did quite a bit and A. was the one who gave me an appreciate for all things Captain Morgan. B. had a thing for Goldschlager (*yuck!*) but also I was exposed to amaretto, Jager, Sambuca and a few others. I can hold my own and prefer my tequila straight -no lemon or salt needed. Just I cannot - stress CANNOT have Bacardi rum. When I do, I'm seriously not responsible for my actions. One prime example - when I was at a freestyle show with a bunch of friends, there was a guy there that we'll ummm... call Ace. He was always pursuing gals in our group and I was wise to that and would avoid that jerk like the plague. I remember a shot being handed to me and I don't remember much after that but the occasional flashes, one I won't repeat but I will tell you I was so grateful I was snapped out of my Bacardi goggle haze by a cell phone ringing and BR on the other line going "LYS WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" I swear that man knew I was up to no good sometimes. I swore off Bacardi then and there. I even got a full bottle of it in 1998 as a gift and it's still unopened in the bar.

OK - enough randomness for a day or so. if anyone decides to do this, let me know and I'll mosy on by.

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