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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Touch of Zombie...

I know I know... I've been M.I.A. but for good reason, I swear. If it involves the Clooney - will you forgive me? I scheduled posts knowing the impending hell facing me.

OK, there was no Clooney or celeb involvement, just work work work work work. I really haven't been able to spend time here or at CookingInStilettos or even at FashionistaPlus or Twitter or email, etc. because we had a big to-do at the 9to5 and I was workin' my fingers to the quick. My head was spinning, my couch is NOT comfy (I had to sleep there or else I'd oversleep when I'd have to be up way before the sun rises), I almost missed the M.A.C. Friends & Family sale and it was so crazed that people went and procured ice coffee for me so that I would keep sane. The last thing I wanted to power up at night was my laptop. Hell I was lucky if I could sleep without waking up every hour with thoughts of ".... did I file XYZ? ... I have to call so and so ... Crap - I still have to work on that report... "

Yesterday - my coworkers kindly brought my calmness remedy - an Iced Venti Caramel Nonfat Macchiato at 2:45. I didn't even get to SIP it until 6:00 as I was running off to an offsite location to set up part of an event. I came back to the office around 7:15 and I downed that sucker. Ugh! It was just utter chaos and, no, it hasn't stopped fully but there's a reprieve for a bit so I can catch my breath.

And, not to mention, I'm dealing with drama I can't discuss but I can get easily annoyed and when I'm dealing with b.s., oh hell to the naw. I have a low tolerance for anything of that sort and I read people pretty damn good so now that I have a few people's numbers and I'm watching them treat people near me like crap, well, I've been a bit cold. And I know karma will bite them in the butt in time but somehow time needs to speed up their roll.

When you take all of the above, I guess my face conveys everything and I look like hell. Know how I know that? Well, when I went into my neighborhood 'Bucks early early early this a.m. to get a java jolt before I headed into the office, I hear the gal go "Oh my god. Are you okay? You don't look so good?!?! Can I give you an extra shot - on the house of course." Jee thanks! I must have a touch of zombie pallor or something.

One thing I know looked fab - my makeup. I tried a few new things from M.A.C. that I got at the sale (15% off - SQUEEEEE. When does M.A.C. EVER do a sale? Seriously - when? NEVER NEVER NEVER). I tried their spray foundation (fabu), their concealer (hell I have raccoon circles that not even professional strength stuff can help), a couple new shadows, etc. Not to mention, I've found myself inspired by various looks I see around the way - whether it's makeup related or clothing or shoes or something. That's been one consolation - while I know I'm styled fabulous head to toe, that cushions some of the grave empty eye look that I have from being robotic. (Note: fall = light eye, dark lip. Just remember that, 'k? Trust!)

I just have to remember, silver lining through the clouds or some mess. Either that or there's a vat of Captain Morgan in my near future.

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