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Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Opinion: Sex & The City: The Movie...

Many of my friends know that it takes ALOT for me to go to a movie. Pretty much, the movie has to be pretty daggone good (read: Clooney or I REALLY want to see it) for me to go. I saw way too many movies back in the day when I first moved here so I revert to the rule "I'm Movied OUT".

Well, when Sex & The City: The Movie was announced, I knew I just had to go. I was one of those girls who watched it from the beginning, laughed at the witty banter, marveled at the fashion, discovered a love for all things Manolo, Choo, etc. and just enjoyed the fact that these gals had a friendship that I also shared with my girlfriends.

I'm not reviewing or spoiling the movie, but yes, I was pleased with it. There were some parts I wasn't happy with - the obvious product placement/plugs (I mean, c'mon - Carrie Bradshaw - Bag, Borrow or Steal?), some of the fashion issues (ok - I'll spoil it but I detest the studded belt!) and some of the story flow had me going "Huh?" but I'm going to see it again and just really enjoy it.

Mind you, when we saw it, behind me I had this girl hissing at every. other. scene injecting her two cents where I wanted to turn to her and go "Lady - listen, obviously you don't like XYZ. Get over it - it's a freakin' MOVIE. They CANT HEAR YOU!". Obviously, the theater was pretty packed.

Let's talk about the fashion, not necessarily the movie fashion - that's been covered on other blogs, but the fashion of the people in the theater. People were there in COSTUME. I swear to god. One woman had on a sequined poofy black party dress; another was dressed like Samantha in a hotchacha red dress complete with bag and sunglasses (I wonder if she at least took them off during the movie). Outside the theater after the movie was over, I thought it was great that so many people dressed up to have fun and the fashion was definitely cool - until I saw the girl in the Flashdance sweatshirt, hot pink platform ankle strippah pumps over STIRRUP PANTS. I wanted to pull her aside and say "ENOUGH". That was one of the downers - I guess stirrup pants ARE coming back. *sigh* This gal wasn't old enough to remember them from the 80s so my guess is she got them off the latest trend pile. I had to think "What would the Budget Fashionista say?"

I did find myself tearing up at some scenes, laughing hysterically at others and just in awe of some of the fashion in the movie. So much so, I'm determined to find some new shoes to replace those that I am getting rid of. And my goal this week - organize my closet because, dammit, I need a fabulous closet again - not a cluttered one.

What did you think of the movie?

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