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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Houston, I Think I Have A Problem...

This week, I've been making good use of my Williams Sonoma spice rubs and cooking a bit extra to make into other dishes during the week. Takeout just isn't my [wallet's] game right now.

Apparently, I'm starting to really enjoy cooking with spice so the other night I made a coffee spice rubbed steak which then turned into a spicy steak penne another night. Then I did chili lime pork chops with stuffing. Last night was a chipotle mole roasted chicken (which will be a spicy chicken salad this weekend). Each time, I had a small plate for the cat put together.

Now, before PETA gets all on my case about "how dare you feed that animal PEOPLE food" and start yipping cruelty to animals or something, let me tell you that in my house - if you don't at least OFFER Shadow a bit, she'll make your life hell the rest of the night. I'm guessing it's due to her being spoiled at my last apt. and my roommate definitely helped with spoiling her.

So, when I create a small dish, it's only a little bit and she doesn't normally partake. However, this week she's been attacking with gusto and when I was home sick today she even was pissed when I didn't give her watermelon. Earlier this week, when I grilled a plum with some turbinado sugar, she went nuts. Fruit & Cats = HUH?

My take is that she must have watched too much Food Network and just is going nuts for spice and people food. Or just thinks she's the kitty version of Bobby Flay.

I just hope she can handle the heat.

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