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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Instinct Says One Thing... My Brain Seems To Agree..

There's something to be said re: second sense, instinct, gut feeling, intuition - whatever you may call it. Normally it doesn't steer me wrong.

Back in the PR days, when I would have to deal with fans - I would be approachable yet also wary. Most of the time they were harmless and cool peeps but there were some that were just downright off their rockers. And, while I try to see the best in people, I also had a duty to protect and keep distance. If I wasn't approachable, my actions would reflect on the client and that's not kosher either. I think only a small handful of times that I lost my marbles on a fan and for good reason. Obviously when they got an inch, they'd push for 10 miles and that' when I would say "Hold Up Wait A Minute" and that would be the end of it.

Well, we've been dealing with some stuff for The Show and, while there are still fans out there, one in particular is starting to push my buttons. Normally I tend to ignore or nicely snap them into line but this one has every alarm bell ringing at full blast. This one fan is asking me questions I am far from comfortable responding to and pushing the privacy level. Obviously I'm going to stay silent but I don't understand how a fan, when they found out through the website of two of our friends' passing, they seem to be looking for gossip as to how they died and "Oh my god did you know blah blah blah". So now, I'm thinking "OK - I've been cordial to you TWICE and already you have pushed the envelope to a whole 'nother level"

Of course I could be evil and tell her that the one regular she's obsessed with, XYZ I mean XXX, is a p*rn czar but I'll let her read IMDB or Wiki for herself and act like I never saw her recent email.

Some people just always make me shake my head and go "WTH"

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