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Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's [Nordstrom's] Anniversary...

(Remember that old Tony! Toni! Tone! track - Ahhh Good times. Good times)

Yup - it's about that time again. This weekend (well tomorrow) marks Nordy's Anniversary Sale and, while I was willing to look the other way yesterday in the interest of preserving my wallet's feelings, today I say "Tough Cookies." This is the only time I can get my products at the Super-sized versions that will last all year and, in turn, save me money and score a couple exclusives that I can find nowhere else.

Here's a few things I'm eyeing.

Philosophy Microdelivery Face Wash in the 24 ounce size (one 8 oz bottle costs $25 and I use it every other day. The other days I use the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Foam or regular)

Too-Faced's Tricks of the Trade Collection

Bobbi Brown's Cocoa Mauve Collection

Smashbox Socialite Beauty Collection

T3's Boost Travel Collection

M.A.C.'s Colour Form Lipstick

M.A.C.'s Colour Forms Pigment (I'm loving Pigments right now - oh the color is so rich!)
I'm a sucker for makeup brushes. I just bought one M.A.C. brush this week and that ONE brush was $30 (and it might be going back - still on the fence). For a bit more I could get 5 travel sized brushes
M.A.C. Brushes - Basic

M.A.C. Brushes - Advanced
Now, more than likely, I'll probably return that brush I bought earlier this week, and allow myself ONE or TWO new goodies along with my standard fare and call myself happy. And if I'm REALLY smart, I'll shop online and get cash back as well. Hey - if they want to pay me to shop, who am I to say no? The sale starts tomorrow, July 18th so time is of the essence. Things sell out fast.

Make sure to check out the sale for yourself. You can find the link HERE.

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