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Monday, September 29, 2008

Here's Something To Think About...

To those people on the Hill that rejected the bailout plan today, I ask that you please step forward.

Why, you ask?

Well, quite simply, I need to know who NOT to vote for on Nov. 4th. That will be MY birthday present to YOU, dear lawmaker.

Seriously, pull your head out of your butt and get a clue. I don't CARE if you have to go on the road to "campaign". I don't care about the CEOs with the big bonuses that need not get them. I don't CARE about the b.s. and the fact that y'all can't agree over a HAMMER let alone something that is detrimental to our country. You want to campaign - you pay for it out of the salary that I, as a taxpayer, pay your azz. But first, finish your damn job and then get out on the road!

I don't really go into politics on this site and for good reason. Everyone has opinions and opinions can be controversial. However, I'm pissed off and I need to vent. We'll go back to the fluffy bunny stuff tomorrow.

I plan on definitely having a "Come to Jesus" meeting with the phone numbers of certain senators for the state of Florida. We pay their salaries and dammit, they WILL be held accountable. However, one thing struck me as comical. On, one senator was quoted about how he didn't want to vote for it because he was afraid of "losing [his] job". How about this - by not voting for it, I hope your constituents VOTE YOU OUT OF YOUR JOB! Also, per the article, apparently some people took offense at Pelosi's speech. My theory: To those that were "offended" - grow a spine, get a thicker skin and get over yourself. Who the hell cares if your whiny baby feelings were hurt. The fact is our country is in trouble and you want to "be offended". What are you, related to H. in some way, seeing offense where there might be NONE?

Ugh! Seriously, Washington - GET IT TOGETHER because if I had my way, there would be no gray. So, I order you lawmakers to see the writing on the wall and GET TO FIXING. Where's Larry Winget when we need him?

**jumps off soapbox**

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