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Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Flashback...

Back in the 80s, I wasn't only a fan of 80s pop and freestyle/dance music. I did *gasp* like some rock acts too - namely Styx and Night Ranger (and Billy Idol and Pat Benatar but that's irrelevant to this story). What can I say - I had a thing for Tommy Shaw. Ask my parents, they will tell you. I will not, however, comment on the rumor that I borrowed my mom's Osmonds tapes or had John Schneider's album or Loretta Lynn's album. Let's get back to the 80s rock, shall we?

Well one of my gals asks me to check out a free show Sunday with her downtown - headliner is Styx - WITH Tommy Shaw. Now I don't have enough time to score backstage access or anything of that nature so I'm just going as a spectator and playing fan for a day. I will not turn this into a work thing (and for those that know me, know that's a stretch, especially at a show). Plus, I have NEVER - stress NEVER - seen them live. Sure they are doing the retro circuit deal and that was one of my PR specialities (Shush MB!) but eeehhhh. Tommy Shaw - SQUUUUUEEEEE! I feel like I'm 10 again in my room jammin' to some of my fave tunes.

Well, I was joking around with my friends that one of my fave songs was "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" (which totally fits a situ going on in the personal but that's a story for another day). Well, as I go looking for my song, I realize - it's not Styx that sings it - it's Night Ranger... Gahhhhh - my memory must be suffering.

However, YouTube took pity on a gal and provided a video of that tune sung by the lead singer of Night Ranger, Jack Blades and on the guitar - TOMMY SHAW of Styx! Squeeeeee. Man is 54 and doesn't look half bad.

So indulge me as I flash back this weekend to a time where we weren't having a recession, things were a bit better and I could run around my room dancin' to my fave band.

And, in true Styx fashion, here's another track that fits because I, clearly, have "Too Much Time On My Hands".

My parents are gonna crack up at this one (and to think I never subjected them to a Styx concert growing up - just Menudo and some other 80s band *cough cough* The Jets).

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