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Saturday, September 27, 2008

To Know or Not To Know...

Well, now we're at a countdown status. I'll be in Philly soon enough and the control freak in me is starting to surface. What's bugging me the most is the fact I don't know WHAT is scheduled for Philly.

Meowmix has been a bit consumed with some stuff she's got going on at home. With that being said, I was allowed to "breech" the terms of the bet this week as some urgent business matters popped up, however the urge to poke around and find out about the Philly plans was tempting, to say the least. I DETEST surprises! I love surprising others, just hate when I'm not prepared for what's gonna happen. (Control freak anonymous card holder here and reporting for duty, sir!)

Do I think Rifleman would have disclosed to Meowmix if I had made any innocent inquiry? Ummm, nope. However, I know my guilt will kill me so I decided to be a good girl and just play it straight - only business and nothing else. Sometimes I hate being straight forward. GAHHHHHH! And when I spoke with her last week and the subject of the approved breech came up, her remark was "You're lucky I've been busy with XYZ and that's finished so now I have time to muck this up!" So, what I thought might be smooth sailing means more temptations will be tossed in my path just egging me on to lose the bet. ***sigh***

I'm just wondering if I should buy her damn shoes now or just stick out the remaining 40 days. :::sigh::::

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