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Friday, October 03, 2008

Can He Buy A Clue, A Gal Wonders...

So, in a total twist of fate, I have been playing catch up for a bit with some people from my past that have crossed my path again. It's been pretty cool, to say the least. Time does, sometimes, heal wounds. Granted that noone is perfect, however knowing how I *personally* have changed and grown up, I can look back and go "eeehhhh" and deal. I mean, c'mon now. I am not always the most pleasant person to deal with either so I totally get it. I was an utter witch back in the day.

However, there are some people who should be left in the memory banks, never to dust off. Those people - well, pretty much mostly Mark, I desire NO contact with AT all. And, I reserve the right to add to that list as needed. Other than that, I'm cool with most people from my past and have stayed friends with most guys I dated.

Now, here's a situation I've had to deal with recently. Remember how I talked about Western Mass and how some (NOT ALL) people just don't change? That they stay stagnant with the same cliques, same mindsets and no evolution? Now, while my family still resides in Western Mass, I however have never felt "at home" there. Maybe it's from growing up in Connecticut or my time spent during high school in Philadelphia but my heart and mind [and accent] screams Philly Girl. (Hence my weakness in the knees for Philly boys!)

Let's get into the main gist of today's missive, namely the boys in Western Mass ("W. Mass"). Growing up, while my first love was a Philly boy, there were other boys in my life from Western Mass. Mr. Convenient - a W. Mass Boy. Mark - a W. Mass Idiot. Fireboy was a W. Mass boy. And, finally, the Twins were W. Mass Boys. Note, all of the above boys are STILL in W. Mass.

Well, Facebook and Classmates have drawn some of the people from my past across my path and I realized something about the W. Mass boys I've dated. They seem to think all women are beyond into them and, after this week, apparently they tend to think that the reason I'm friendly FROM ORLANDO is because I want to get with them.

*cough* *sputter* *cough* *sputter*


Let me explain:

First case:

Fireboy ran into my gal Bec a few weeks ago and asked about me. Hey - he still sends me jokes and emails from time to time. No biggie. So, I shoot him a harmless email to say "Hey" since, of course he was inquiring. At least that way he can be nosy and ask ME and not make Bec uncomfy. (That was a tough situation back then - ugh! Let's just say SHE was right. He's an azz). Well, in his email, Fireboy gets a dose of diarrhea of the mouth and told me at length how he's "married now with a baby". OK, dumbazz. I KNEW THAT. Clearly I knew that because HE TOLD ME THAT BEFORE in an email last year. And in emails announcing that before his jokes. His emails that I never respond to because, clearly, they didn't warrant a response.

Now, while we were friends, that just made me laugh. I didn't want to get with him 7 years ago so why am I going to be jockin' him now - FROM ORLANDO? Umm... no. The man who, after we met, decided that he needed to get involved with a girl who was 17 instead of someone his own age?!?! Mind you, we were in our late 20s. Whatever, dude. Get a clue. (And yes, SSG - I stopped comparing all firemen to this idiot. This guy clearly had issues). I just laughed and moved on. However, since we had the same friends and would run into each other when I would be in W. Mass, I was cool with everything. Now, I know his wife has a mad case of the jealousy bug but give me a break.

Second case:

On Facebook, someone brought up one of the classes I detested and needed a tutor for - Economics. Well, that got me to thinking, I wonder whatever happened to Mick, my old Eco. tutor. Mick also had a twin brother, Tom.

Backstory on the Twins: I worked with both of them at my after school job. One summer during high school, I was totally into one twin, Tom, only to get my heart broken at the end of a summer as he wound up dating a couple girls from the job. Whatever.

In college, when his brother Mick was my tutor, things evolved and it was cool but it was COLLEGE. And it was way before I met A. Sure, through them I went to my first Frat party. They were the ones who got me hooked on Pink Floyd and The Cure. Cool guys. Eeehh - so was the past, right? Plus, we were FRIENDS first and that always means more to me.

Well, I pretty much put the Twins out of my mind until a few weeks ago when Economics came up and on Classmates, there was Mick. So I sent a brief "Hi! How the heck are you and Tom?" email. Totally harmless, generic and quick. I forgot about it until I had to log into Classmates to see if a gal of ours from college, Lisa, was on there and there was a message from Mick.

In the most blunt way possible it was that Tom was married with two boys (to someone I detested in High School, btw) and that Mick was dating a teacher in Connecticut. That was it. No "How are you?" No "I'm working doing XYZ". Nothing about their family who I was cool with. Just waving a big "MARRIED/DATING" sign. What. The. HELL??

I read it twice and went "Oh MY GOD! He's STILL dumb as a bag of rocks!"

First of all, I'm happy that they are married/dating/whatever - that is never the issue. I'm always wanting my friends to be happy. I just realized that while I am cool with staying friendly with those I've dated in my past, based on the behavior of the boys from W. Mass, W. Mass boys tend to freak out and think that I want a reconciliation or some mess. In their world, a girl can't be friendly. Shoot - I'm friendly to people. (Maybe that's the part they aren't used to - see above. I said I was a witch). Keep in mind that I rarely get back with someone after we've broken up because when you "Break Up", clearly, something's "BROKEN!" That's my thought process. I learned that after Mark and our numerous break-ups and random b.s.

So, after thinking about it last night, here's my response to the boys in W. Mass from my past. "Please, don't even ENTERTAIN the thought I'd want to get with you again - EVER. It's a bizillion years later and I've moved on - way past on!" It's amusing to say the least because if they knew me now, they would know that I'm not "That Girl".

Men *shakes head*

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