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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just in Time For Halloween...

Remember how I told y'all that the Blackberry "died" during the Philly trip and I learned that Blackberry + Sink = NON Mixy Things?

Remember how I told you I procured a new sassy RED Blackberry in Philly, and shortly thereafter channelling my inner Clumsy gal and falling on Market St.

Remember how I told y'all that I could blog via Blackberry?

Well, yeah - don't pay attention to any of the above. This damn thing is flippin' possessed. Straight out possessed. For 2 weeks it does NOT work, won't download email, the battery dies like a mofo and I haven't had time to bring it into the Blackberry Doctor.

Today, it starts downloading over 800 emails from over the past two weeks - all of which are NOT on my server. WTH?? These are emails I've already dealt with, deleted, etc. All of which downloaded when the BB was on vibrate mode and it just sounded so daggone inappropriate.

Daggone Blackberry is psycho - appropriate for October, no?

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