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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sound The Horns...

I lost The Bet.

I know, I know. I was CLOSE. I was only *gasp* 36 days away from new choos. And, I threw it all away to find a damn hotel room in Philly. Apparently, during the time we are in town, everyone else is in town too. Who knew Philly was such a happenin' hot spot? And, do you think there is a hotel room NEAR where we will be at most of the time? Ummmm. No. There are no hotels in the Manayunk area and all the hotels in Center City and on the Main Line are booked. There is no room at the inn, my friends.

I'm okay with throwing caution to the wind and breaking the terms of the bet because, with some quick thinking from Rifleman and Meowmix, a hotel room was procured. Granted its a "little ways" from the spot we will be hanging out at but it could be worse. We aren't staying in Jersey and we are NOT paying $700 + a night for a room at the Ritz. Not paying $700 a night means - MORE $$$ for important things - like shoes and cocktails and shopping.

Now - on to more important things - like driving my crew nuts. Don't worry - I'll factor in adequate torture for Meowmix due to the fact I went quite a long time before I started to meddle... She'll just respond "I told you so!"

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