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Monday, December 08, 2008

"Parking Wars" - A Gal's Guilty Pleasure...

Don't scoff - I actually have to laugh at this show. No matter how bad my day is, I can watch this and realize that in all reality, my life isn't that chaotic. It's like what I used to think about Jerry Springer before he had one too many "I'm a Hooker and Need to Tell My Spouse" episodes.

Parking Wars, an A&E reality series based in my fave city, Philadelphia, follows the people of the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) as they enforce the numerous parking violations throughout the city.

Here's where I get amused. Seriously, you know you broke the law - pay the daggone ticket. Granted, okay, some people do lose track of time and all and the meter can expire. It happens. However, when you DOUBLE-PARK, have so many daggone tix that renders you a "Heavy Hitter" or even park in a "No Parking" zone and you get your azz booted or towed, don't fight with the people at the counter trying to justify your "reasoning". Accept responsibility, pay up, learn your lesson and MOVE ON.

Some of these people just bitch to bitch and, for that, I have to thank them - it makes some amusing television. If you know you were in the wrong, deal. However, if you think you are that "entitled" to have the rules bent for you and think they should see your "vision", then grow the heck up. Hell, I think even Mayor Nutter listens to the PPA - as some of these guys on the show will ticket him, regardless of their personal opinions. The tantrums and excuses that people come up with are classic. Just downright makes a gal wonder what the hell are they thinking?

And to the wench on this upcoming episode cursing out the PPA guy going "You ain't a cop". Girl, puleaze - take it down a notch because if you keep up with that attitude, even the Philly cops might have to have a "Come to Jesus" meeting with you about who issues tickets and who the heck carts your "I'm never wrong" behind to jail. And to all those going "I'm gonna move out of this city - it sucks!" Please, for the love of god, do because I would hate to run into you when I'm in town. You might not like my opinion in the slightest.

For those that want to catch the amusement, you can catch Parking Wars on A&E on Wednesdays at 10.

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