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Monday, December 01, 2008

Closing The Door...

Well, I know I've yipped about Mr. Convenient aka "Mr. C." here a few times and, while I said I'd slam the door on his behind - I kinda didn't and kept it just a crack open - just in case.

Well, guess what - the door is slammed shut. Officially, nailed/duct-taped/don't even try to crack a window open shut. While there will always be a friendship, anything else is just never going to be possible (even if he starts his yippin' again. This gal ain't hearin' any of his mess).

When I was up north, I had time to reflect and think about what I wanted in life and realized that I've been doing this tango with Mr. C. for quite some time. The thought occured to me that perhaps we have too much history and I need to start fresh. Mr. C. and I have known each other for years (over 15) and it also occured to me that, perhaps, I kept the door open for Mr. C. just out of fear of the unknown. Mr. C. knew almost everything about my past and never judged me for it (or at least I don't think he did). He's seen me at my best and also seen me at my worst. When Nick died, he was the first one there for me and continued to help me deal with the loss (even when I drove him crazy). When Mark threw me through a window, Mr. C. was ready to toss his azz out of the club with nary a thought. When I moved and we lost touch, somehow Mr. C. and I found our way back to reconnect. However, our time has well since passed and I have to look back and smile. He's a good man, just not for me. What I want in life is so much different and the last place I want to be is back in New England (sorry guys!). My life is definitely somewhere else and I know my future is definitely brightly lit.

So, when one door closes, a window opens, right?

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