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Friday, December 05, 2008

And It's On - Again...

Yup, you guessed it - yours truly is headed back up north. Destination Philadelphia.

What's up with Round 5 you ask? Well our gal Am is putting together a little shin-ding for one of the gals from the show who hasn't been seen - ohhhh - since 1993. Yup, that's a long time. I, personally, haven't seen Jo since I want to say my last day which was in 1991 so I'm thrilled she'll be home for the holidays.

Originally, I was all "ehhh - I don't know if I can go" as it's so close to the holiday, my recent "Coffee Fund Crisis" etc. but when Am asked, how can I say no, right? Plus, it's going to be great to see my peeps even if it's for a day or two before the Christmas madness sets in (in the frigid temps, mind you - that's how much I heart these cats) and it's at my favorite spot in Manayunk. Bonus is that there will be torture for Ant and Rifleman, listening to Jay holler "Line 'em up", watching CK mill about the crowd as OurBuddy sashays down the stairs only to jump immediately on the dance floor. Plus I got wind that my gal Suz has the night off and, this time, I'm DETERMINED TO ENFORCE THE FOLLOWING:

1) DO NOT let Ant make me any mystery shots. I seriously do not remember some photos being taken at the b'day soiree. I love Ant dearly, but I'll make sure he's paid extra to keep that heavy hand away from the cocktails. Ohh - and Rifleman will NOT be mixin' my cocktails. That dude's another heavy hitter, even if he is all things RN.

2) DO NOT allow a bad pic be taken. I need a glam squad nearby - seriously. Dilated pupils does not make for good pics. Nor does hair that has been mussed by dancing or running around like a chicken.

3) DO NOT talk to the 9to9 before I head to the event - no need to be heated. No need for tequila. Just good times.

4) NO DRAMA. Like Mary J. said - leave it all behind. We're all there to catch up, dance, reminisce and have some good times. We're not there to squawk about Big Bro, copyright mumbo jumbo etc. (listen -that's directed at me, not anyone else! I'm guilty of getting cranky with the whole copyright blah blah).

Most of all, HAVE FUN! I love my crew and while I'm sad that we're missing two integral parts of our crew - Meowmix and Reese - they will be conferenced in somehow, via text, phone or whatever. We'll miss you.

And, since I'll only be there for two nights, the second day is for milling about the Italian Market, doing a little Christmas shopping around the city and, perhaps, dragging a buddy out for dinner at one of the restaurants I've been dying to try. I love Manayunk and all but I also want to enjoy a bit of Center City. Finally, Sunday I'll be flying back to Orlando where it will be on and poppin' for the holidays and no more Philly trips til, oh, possibly February/March.

What are you looking forward to this month?

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