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Friday, December 12, 2008

The Quest...

So, as you can see, I decided to do a little holiday decorating around this joint - in the hopes that will help me get a bit more holiday spirit-y.

Another tip to get a gal in the Holiday spirit is some holiday tunes...

One that always used to work was this track.

Christmas In My Heart - The Jets

Yeah, it ain't workin' - that tree is still in the box. No eggnog is made. I'm growlin' at the music video. I'm Scroogy McScrooge, my friends. Basically I have alot to do this weekend and the tree will be the culmination of the efforts of what I'm about to disclose...

On board, along with the Secret Santa shoppin', the holiday bru-ha-ha, planning for Philly, soiree planning, etc., yours truly needs to "puppy proof" the apartment. Basically, I need to remove shoes and put them back in their boxes. Move low things high. Move Shadow's toys to a spot that she approves of. Why you ask - because this little gorgeous munchkin is looking for a forever home and Shadow and I would love to have "Mr. Wiggles" home with us.

Yes, seriously - that's his name. However he's cuter than ANY Mr. Wiggles I've ever seen.

Long story short - Shadow and I were at Petco last weekend and she was having her annual portrait with Santa Claus. Well, that Saturday, they happened to have the Central Florida Pug Rescue there and a bunch of little pugs were running around having a ball. Shadow, who is normally a big fraidy cat with dogs and is not a fan, met a little pug who she decided "wasn't so bad" and she was smitten. However, when she saw a gold lab type dog head over to her like a idiot because Shadow was sittin' with Santa chillin, I thought that was the end. In a normal world, she'd freak the hell out, hiss, growl and just start swingin'. However, Shaddy was not havin' that mess, withering him with a look that can only be described as "Bitch puleaze! You can wait yo' damn turn" and the dog got a cookie while Santa kept cuddling with Shadow. I couldn't figure out what was up with her calm demeanor, but it dawned on me - she liked the dogs - namely the pugs. Plus, knowing her attitude, she probably figured that the pugs around her would back her up since they were all the same size. Solidarity in numbers, right?

However, we can't have a dog here, I reasoned. I just couldn't get that pug that Shaddy was all BFF with out of my head. They were so great, so cute, so lovable and sassy. So I called the apartment complex and said "We can't have more than one pet, right?" Well, surprise surprise - we can. And not only can we, but it can be a dog and a cat.

I kept thinking "Am I really ready for a dog - it's a lifestyle change!" Well, your heart doesn't lie and the one thing that really stuck with me was "Yes!" I've had dogs before growing up and know they take much more work than a cat. I pestered Lesli with emails (because y'all know she's got the pug thing on lock with Noodles). I worked out my budgets. I did my research on the breed. I read. I picked Meowmix's brain because she rescues rottweilers and talked to her about the process and what the complications could be.

Throughout all of the above, I knew a pug was the right fit for Shadow and I. She's 10 years old, queen of her household, would love a friend that isn't another cat or kitten and we've got the room. So, I went to the website and the MINUTE I saw Mr. Wiggles' on there, I knew. Well, Central Florida Pug Rescue is phenomenal and I'm in the "Application" stage so keep your fingers crossed, please.

But seriously, look at that face - isn't he adorable?

So I'll keep you updated on my journey of adopting a pug. Also, if you care to donate to this amazing cause, you can donate right on their site.

[Photos courtesy of Central Florida Pug Rescue]

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