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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Moving... In Stilettos...

A couple weeks ago, Hellfire aka Kar moved into her brand new home.  During the move, our friends J & SL made a joke "Will Lys be Moving In Stilettos?" 

Hardy Har Har... (for the record, it was sneakers, a Phillies hat and totally dressed down *LOL*) but the idea stuck. 

I've been beyond unhappy with the dorm situation along with a few other situations going on in my life and it's time to take action.  Those close to me know that I will be, indeed, moving in stilettos when the lease is up.

So bear with me while I'm torn in 20 different directions and will be posting but not as in depth as I'd like.  There will be SO much to disclose - just can't do it here on the blog - JUST yet. 

Keep your fingers crossed - the apartment hunt starts now.  Game on because not only does this Cooking In Stilettos wench need a kitchen that rocks, but a closet that is Loubou worthy... Oh - and some nice non-college age neighbors would be cool too.  Why can't a gal have it all, right?

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