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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Giving Selflessly - Who Does That...

I know I've said a few times that I have some amazing friends. Well, one of them really has gone above and beyond and, while he never recognizes himself or what he does for people - it's time we did, right?

Let me tell you about CK. CK I knew from eons ago. He's one of the "nice guys" that any parent would be proud to call him their son in law, any friend would be blessed to have and family - fuhgetabouttit. He's loyal, caring and just fabulous. We won't even go into his "Joey Tribiani" impersonation *LOL*

I met him about 20 years ago on TheShowThatShallNotBeNamed. We kept in touch through the years. When I broke up with Mark for the umpteenth time, CK sent roses to my job on V-Day to cheer me up and keep my mind off of the azzhat. When I was contemplating moving here, CK encouraged me to follow my dreams. When I went through the typical b.s. with H., CK listened to me and gave me great advice. When I've been contemplating the next steps for my life, CK listened patiently and gave some great insight which helped me see that my decisions are on the right course. The man has been like a brother and don't even get me started on when I have a boy around CK and the boyz. That guy is vetted worse than a supreme court nominee. Oy vey! When I fly home to Philly, CK is always there with a hug, a cocktail and tons of laughter. CK is an amazing person - through and through. And, if you ever get the chance to hear his full story - you'd sit there in shock. He's gone through hell and back a few times but through it all, he has triumphed. Believe me when I say that the Philly crew is blessed to have him in our lives.

A few months ago, CK gave word that he was donating a kidney to a friend of his who was in dire need. He didn't even think twice - if someone needs something and he can help, so be it. The operation was put off a couple times due to complications but last week, CK gave a heads up that the operation was a go for Tuesday. So, I turn to you, my blog friends, and ask that you please take a moment out of your day and send good thoughts CK's way for the success of the operation for both him and his friend and a speedy recovery.


OurBuddy and CK

Chris - we love you!

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