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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Guilty of Idiocy: FedEx Longwood...

Normally, when it comes to shipping stuff, I have always preferred FedEx over UPS.  Downtown Orlando - FedEx moves quickly, efficiently and I have little to NO drama.  UPS - well, we have never gotten along - not in New Hampshire, not in Lake Buena Vista nor in Altamonte.  However, when I prefer UPS over FedEx - you know there has got to be a problem.

There is one driver assigned to the route that my apartment complex is on and it has been that way since I moved here.  I have had issue after issue with this driver and, sadly, while I make my displeasure known, the Longwood office won't do a damn thing about it. 

One of the perks of living here is that we can sign an addendum to the lease where we give the complex the power to sign for packages.  All he has to do is go to the office and drop it off. Easy peasy, I say.  Does he - NO.  He claims that they "aren't open".  They are open from 10-6 every day so that's hogwash.  This recent incident is the 5th time this s.o.b. has pulled the same "noone is in the office; noone is at the apartment" dance and, like I told the CSR at the call center in India or wherever, should I see that idiot of a driver, I'm going to have restrain myself from punching him in the nose.  The call center knows I've called to have stuff escalated and I know they give messages to the manager of the Longwood branch.  What does that spineless twit do - hand it off to a customer service rep. to handle.  He is "too busy."  I left a message for his regional boss to call me - crickets.  And the issue has only gotten worse.

FedEx Longwood once tried to tell me that the reason for the "strain" on the drivers' workload" is that they were "on the Disney route".  Longwood is NOWHERE near DISNEY.  I'm not that dumb - the Lake Buena Vista office has that route.  They've tried to tell me that the driver delivered packages to the office and I need to look again.  However, it was NOT delivered as both myself and the complex manager went through each and every package and *boom* it wasn't there.  I left a message for a call back first thing - which I got at NOON the next day.  The spineless twit had a CSR call me to tell me that it was delivered on Friday and to look again.  No, newsflash - it was delivered that Saturday morning, NOT Friday as the driver alleged.  What was in the package - fresh pasta that needed to be refrigerated from FoodBuzz that I was to test for Cooking In Stilettos and, lo and behold, it was on the s.o.b.'s truck for 3 days.  The ice packs were no longer chilly.  It was warmer than a monkey's butt.  Here's the kicker - when it was FINALLY delivered, the driver turned the box so it was hidden with the "refrigerate" and address labels facing the wall.  That afternoon, when I opened it up and saw the fresh pasta just ruined, I about lost my damn mind.  What does the spineless twit of a manager do - nothing.

Then, this week - I had something delivered that will be reviewed on Cooking In Stilettos - what does the same driver do - leaves a tag saying that noone was there and that he'd deliver it again, all while noting that there was noone in the complex office.  Newsflash - they were in the complex office - especially at 1:00 in the afternoon.  There's about 4-5 people in there at any given time.  I about lost my damn mind on the poor kid from India who heard me out and agreed - there's a big problem.

Here's the problem - the driver is a lazy fool who not only doesn't deliver the packages as instructed, but he leaves them on his truck for a day or two, depending.  He doesn't deliver at the time he says he does - the complex office confirmed that for me.  He lies to his manager who tried to tell me that I was wrong.  I'm sorry - I got to SOBE late because he "forgot to deliver" my cards in February and I had to take time out of my day the next day to go to the Longwood office first?  Don't play me!  I don't appreciate the Pass The Buck Mentality that occurs at the Longwood office and, when I had to go there today to pick up the package that should have been left at the office like UPS did with their package this week, I got nothing but bullshit excuses from the guy in the front who tells me "the station manager of course will call you back" but HE wouldn't take a message - told me to call the 1-800-FEDEX number and they would get the message to the station manager.  WHAT THE #*@*@*#*  What a bunch of lazy ignorant fools is my opinion of the FedEx Longwood office.  Clearly, the manager and the employees at the Longwood station are all the same - too lazy to do their job CORRECTLY so, therefore, hopefully the corporate office will finally open its eyes to the crap going on there and make changes.

Enough, for cryin' out loud, is enough.  And it really sucks when I have to tell people "if you need to ship something to me, please use UPS because FedEx in Longwood is a bunch of idiots."

Clearly, I've given them too many chances and now it's war.  FedEx Longwood - CLEAN UP YOUR ACT!


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