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Monday, May 04, 2009

Wiggs' First Battle Wound...

Saturday, Wiggs had to go to the Vet's office for his monthly "butt squeeze" (where they fix his anal glands). Normally, its quick - we head in first thing in the morning, the techs know and adore him so they rush him in and once we're out the door, he's convincing me that "Momma - we really need to go to McDonalds" (I justify it as he's got his butt squeezed and it's not pleasant for him OR the tech - that's okay for a piece of sausage, right? Plus I need ice coffee). We are always told "No appointment - come early as a walk-in and we'll make it fast."

Sadly, this Saturday, it was going to be a long day. Not only was my LEAST favorite tech on duty (she's just nasty, cranky and mean - if I could bitch slap her I would. Such a bitter pill that woman.) It was also a busy waiting room as there were a couple other dogs hanging out. Wiggs, knowing that small dogs attack him (Napoleon complex much??), rushed over to a woman there with her pit bull and her retriever and Wiggs wanted to make instant friends. If there's anything he loves, it's other dogs. He even got all excited when one of those hotdogesque dogs came by and, once the hot dog saw Wiggs, it dropped on his back like "Look at MAH Belli!" and they were BFFs. One of the fellow rescue peeps came in with a new pug and those two were inseparable. It was cute. Now, sure there was the occasional "ARUUUUU" as the dogs barked and howled like they were singing campfire songs but it wasn't ear shattering. Bitter Pill would always look at Wiggs like he had NO social skills and, quite frankly, he doesn't. He knows sit, stay but if he sees someone that he can give a kiss or a snug to, he's off and running. And, yes, I'm a bad dog momma because - well - I kinda indulge him. He's around a cat who goes from hot to cold and is still not his friend. So if he can get a little dog interaction, good for him. As long as he doesn't pee on the chairs, we're good.

Well, one of the people brought their dog out who had a Elizabethan collar on. Knowing that the Elizabethan collar dog might have issues, I told Wiggs - NO NOSY! which, to him means, be nice but no sniffin' all over the place. Well, that other dog - we'll call him/her Bitchy, decided that they just wanted NOTHING to do with Wiggs and bit my pug on the nose.

Wiggs backed away in shock, like he was trying to process what happened and he was still wagging his tail. Clearly, he's the sweet one of the family. I see blood and start pulling him away, shooting the dog's parents a look like "WHAT THE @*@*#*#*@" You would think I would get at least an "I'm Sorry" after they asked - "Did he get bit?" HELL YES WIGGLES GOT BIT YOU AZZHAT! They knew their dog was a mean ass bitch and no warning? What. The. #*@*@*. Hello - your dog just tried to bite off my PUG'S NOSE!!!!

Sharon, the rescue volunteer, and I are trying to look at the battle wound and cheer up the poor pug who now is bleeding and has tears welling up in his eyes - Flying out of the office comes Bitter Pill pointing to me going "You - YOU AND THAT DOG NEED TO GO IN EXAM ROOM 4. NOW!"

Guess we got our azzes banished. Well, fine - Wiggs thinks he's in trouble due to her tone and, as I shoot Bitter Pill a look of death, I just pulled him away while grabbing some napkins to take a look see. 45 min. later, one of his techs comes in and apologizes for the delay. Thankfully the wound is just superficial but, as they said, they'd have put something on it but Wiggy would have just licked it off regardless. He gets his butt fixed, goes through his routine of giving her hugs and kisses like he always does and trots proudly out of our holding cell. He even makes friends with a little girl who only wants to pet him. What is Bitter Pill doing - shaking her head and giving me death glare again.

We won't even get into when I checked out and Bitter Pill acted like she was so put out to actually - I dunno - give me the flea meds but I will say this. Next month, if Bitter Pill is on shift, I'm going to request someone else. I REFUSE to let her talk to my dog in ANY tone and, quite frankly, I will set her on her #*@*@*#*# behind. I know my parents taught me to respect my elders but with her behavior to a DOG, she doesn't deserve my respect.

And if I EVER see those dog parents again, I'm going to also tell them to muzzle that mutt. Because if BitchyCollarDog ever goes near my pug again, it's ON. That dog can take his/her napoleon attitude and suck it.

Wiggs, however, has realized the power of the "Boo Boo" and, yes, while he got his McDs, he also whines to show me his nose and how he needs a cookie.

I've created a monster, I know. :::sigh:::

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