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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bravo - Are You Kiddin' Me??

I caught the Real Housewives of NYC reunion, but had to watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey and, quite frankly, I have a few issues.  It's like Bravo cherry picks the worst of the worst and while the familial ties are tight and I like that better than some of the other cast interactions on other seasons, I don't get the casting of Danielle (hello - did you NOT learn from all things Real Housewives of ATL and Sheree's lack of divorce settlement?) who needs her divorce settlement to "survive" and reminds me of the plastic surgery gal - Catwoman or whatever.  OHHHHHH - let's talk about Teresa - "There's something with the economy so I pay cash" as she goes to pay for $120k in furniture for a house that you HAD to have built because living in someone's house is "skeevy" and you need a French chalet in quartz, onyx and marble.  Honey - you pay CASH?  C'mon now.  This gal was NOT born yesterday.  But then again, your hubby works "construction" and you think he's "delicious and juicy".  I'm sorry - I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head.  Not to mention you say you "aren't a stagemom".  Honey - YES you are.  Most definitely you are but whatever.  The only one I kinda think is "normal" is Caroline.  She's no nonsense which is common with Jerz girlz. 

So, IN MY OPINION, I'm thinking that it should be named Real Housewives - Soprano style... but it's a trainwreck that I'll watch again.  Hey - we're in a recession - a gal needs a giggle.

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