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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Online Shopping - Getting More Bang For The Buck...

I'm one of those gals who avoids much of the holiday chaos- namely Black Friday and the chaotic mall shoppers.  Why should I feed the frenzy when I can maximize my dollar with online sales, shopping and cash back, right?

Well, here's the refresher course for y'all along with some new finds and for the new readers - welcome, bookmark and enjoy.

First of all, here are the sites to sign up with - g'head, it should open in a new window so I'll wait for ya.

Cash Back:

Coupon Sites

Now that you are all signed up and bookmarked, here's how this works.  First thing you need to understand is that most cash back will be available 60-90 days after the purchase - to allow for returns, etc.  So, let's say you are doing your holiday shopping - well, in March, you should be getting some extra green in your wallet - just in time for St. Patty's Day and everyone is a winner.

Start off with going to EVReward to see who offers the MOST cash back - that's vital.  If you know where you are going to shop, then why not get the best deal out there, right? 

I often know the item I'm looking for - like, let's say a great pair of Elizabeth & James shoes from ShopBop.  I head to EVReward to see who's giving the most cash back on ShopBop which is, in this case, Cashbaq with 7% cash back on my purchase.  So, let's say I buy the boots I've been coveting - which are $276.  7% cash back of that will mean that come March, $19.32 will be my cash back reward.  To maximize my cash back dollar, I will also make note of any coupon codes for ShopBop through or any of the other coupon sites that have done great by me in the past. Works like a charm every. single. time.  Often you can find coupons for free shipping, etc. especially with the retailers wanting to make this holiday season their best one ever.

Here's another thing - my bff, Meowmix, often shops online via eBay.   Did you know you can get cash back for any eBay shopping?   Big Crumbs offers up to 36% cash back.  Bing! offers 10% cash back while Ebates offers 2%.  You see where I'm going with this. 

Now, for those of you buying those big ticket items from, let's say BestBuy - here's my suggestion - buy online through Bing! with 5% cash back, select the "Pick Up In Store" option and you don't even have to worry about the shipping.  Most times, it's ready in an hour or so and you don't have to deal with all the craziness.  This helps especially when you are looking for that TV, Video Game System or other high ticket item and you don't want any shipping drama but still want the maximum cash back.

Basically - most of the stores you shop online are on the cash back wagon and why shouldn't you be too? 

Now, the disclaimers - keep track of your purchases and receipt emails to make sure that you get credit for everything.  Most of the cash back companies are great with tracking, but some purchase can fall through the cracks.  Just send their customer service an email after a week or so and they'll jump right on it.  Secondly, yes there are referral links which means that both you and I are getting a Win/Win as they put a little something in your cash back stocking.

I am happy to say that after 3 years of living the cash back mantra, I can never go back to online shopping the old way.  I always make sure that I've maximized everything through cash back and coupon codes and couldn't be happier.  Heck, I've even gotten cash back for my cable installation - who the heck knew you could do that.  

So, while the holiday brings out the crazy in shopping, know that you can enjoy CyberMonday behind the computer with your coffee in one hand and the mouse in the other as you click your way to cash back happiness.  And, if you have any questions, know that I'm only an email away to help.

Happy Shopping!

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