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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Is It Christmas or Halloween ... Someone Tell Me Please..

I departed the apartment today to wander a little bit and run a couple errands (in all honesty, I was seriously in need of ice coffee - because I still can't make a decent cup of coffee)... I was working on doing the laundry, cleaning the apartment, etc. and wound up getting engrossed in a Law & Order Criminal Intent marathon so I was running a little late.

After errands (and enabling my ice coffee monster), I wandered into a couple stores, one of which was Home Goods. See, I made the mistake of washing a stovetop espresso maker in the dishwasher and it turned a funky color (really - I washed it quite a few times but how was I to know it was NOT dishwasher safe). So, I was in need of a replacement for my "Making A Decent Latte" mission for next week. Well, not only did I find that in Home Goods, but I also discovered a pumpkin Le Creuset baker but I resisted. One fabulous find was a cheap bottle of Meyers dishwasher liquid and, having read about it a bit lately, I decided to give it a shot. I still was on the hunt for Halloween decorations, but outside of a cute candy bowl that I felt was too cheaply made to be worth $16.99, I was seriously disappointed with the selection. But that wasn't the best thing I found...

While most of the apartment was decorated in the way I want, I haven't been able to really *get* a concept for the bathroom. I have a super snazzy hotel quality bathroom but it's pretty plain. So, last week it came to me: a "bronze bench" and oiled bronze accessories and I could switch out the towels to be either teal & brown or pink and brown depending on the mood. Well, I browse online first before I commit to something, and I have to say that my online shopping cart at Linens N Things has over $200 in things that I found but I'm still just looking. I'd like to see it in person before I purchase, regardless of coupons and cash back. Outside of the bench, one of the most pricey things was a $30+ bronze magnifying mirror but at HomeGoods I found a better version for $9.99. I was a very happy huntress indeed. I'm still on a hunt for the bench and when the bathroom is complete, I'll take pictures.

Then I departed for Pier1 because I haven't been there in forever and a day. I saw lots of pretty things, but I was on the hunt for a reed diffuser in the scent, Mad Love,and I was shocked to run into Christmas Decorations EVERYWHERE. It's only October 7, 2007 and already they are hawking Christmas Decorations. Oy Vey. Enough already. I get it - holiday season is approaching but do I really need to see Christmas ornaments???

I'm still on the hunt for some Halloween stuff (and yes, Keri, I'll check out the store ;) ) but I really can do without the Christmas reminders.

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