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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Define "Breaking News" Please...

Yet another rant today - but something I feel needs to be mentioned and that is probably the ONLY time I will bring it up here on this blog.

Can the news media PLEASE focus on something else OTHER than Britney Spears. How sad is it that we have soldiers dying overseas, food recalls like mad, people killing people, corporations running amok and apparently JR Ewing in control of the oil industry jackin' up the cost of gas again and the LEAD STORY and BREAKING NEWS is "Britney Spears loses custody of children".

My two cents (not that it counts much):

I've noticed that Britney appears to be well aware of the ramification of her actions. If she's not, then she has issues. Not to mention she's thriving on the attention of the people, the rag mags, the paparazzi, etc. like many of the starlets in HollyHood. Now, if one does drugs, drink, etc. and do so around the children, staff etc. and are arrogant enough (or brain-dead enough) to think that because she is Britney Spears, she is above a judge's order, wow. Just one word: wow. Cops don't necessarily scare me - Judges do. With a slam of that little gavel and a signature on an order, judges have the power to take away one's freedom, liberty, children - whatever - as long as there is sufficient cause. And while there are good judges, trust me when I say there are some alleged wacky judges too ("Rock Paper Scissors" anyone??)

But to kinda cut down my diatribe, do I think she got what she deserved, yes. But did I need the media to interrupt my day with "BREAKING NEWS" and get all drama about it and then continue with the BritBrit saturation for THREE DAYS - give me a break.

Let's talk about something really detrimental (at least in Orlando's neck of the woods). How come Parramore Street houses about 1% of Orlando's population and is accountable for at least 10% of the murder and crime rate in the City of Orlando. You can read the story here. Orlando's response: let's put a few new new bike cops on the road to combat the crime. (Not motorcycle cops, bicycle cops). Yeah, a cop on a biker shorts in one of the worst sections of town is supposed to deter crime and "increase police presence". Smooth move Buddy (or whoever came up with that brilliant plan). I saw that on the news and just shook my head. Of course that was 4 stories after "Britney-Gate".

Let me shut up now or I'll start ranting about the release of the Princess Diana car photos (again - tacky to ANY news outlet that ran those photos).

:::sigh::: And how was YOUR day.

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