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Monday, October 29, 2007

Now For the Fluff...

I told y'all I wanted to get a dog, right? My reasoning was that it would keep Princess Shadow happy. She'd have a friend to play with as she might be lonely in the apartment during the day. I don't want to get another cat as I think that might make her fearful of her position and spark jealousy, regardless of the fact that, as she is prone to show anyone - the world clearly is hers and we're all just here to obey her whims.

Yes, I've spoiled my cat and I'm paying for it now. I'm overcompensating for that year and a half that I left her up north while I was down here in Florida. Her new thing is when she's pissed, she will sit in front of me and rip whatever she can get her teeth on - just the other day she pounced on some PR research and next thing I know I hear "RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP". Ugh!

Anyways, I've threatened her with getting a pug dog to which her response was a swift hard bite to the hand and a pointed howl and hiss. NO dog than. Well, since I brought up getting her a friend to hang with all day - she's been really acting out of sorts - and here are two prime examples (with crappy pics but hey - it was all I had handy).

I did laundry on Saturday and didn't get to folding the laundry just yet - had it all on the dryer and what happens - Princess Fuzzbutt decides naptime is in order and I had to rewash everything.

Yesterday, I got up, went to the kitchen and did a couple things around the house. When I got back to my bed to snuggle under the covers for about 20 min. this is what I found.

Clearly - Shadow rules the roost. And clearly, I'm on punishment.

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