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Just Because...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Utter Randomness... 7 Mo' Times...

Thanks to Kalisah, my brain is on overdrive thinking of 7more random things that I might want to actually put out there. Now let me say it took me forever to really rack my brain (what little of it is left) to post this lovely, so go easy on me please...

The Rules
1. Link to your tagger and post the rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random and some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of post and list their names.
4. Let them know they were tagged by a comment on their blog.

So - here we go

7 More Random Things That I Had to Disclose and You Might Not Want To Know

1.) You know, it's amazing how life's lessons learned while young stick with you - both consciously and subconsciously. My mother had me in dance class when I was a child - tap, jazz, ballet, baton. My Saturday mornings until I was 12/13 were spent at a dance studio. I continued with my baton stuff when I was in high school and was one of those characters twirling on the football field and competing on the weekends. Was I any good - eehh, possibly, but that's another post for another day. However, I learned some things that I noticed recently that have still stuck with me - I will often stand with my feet in some ballet inspired position with one of my feet pointed out, the other one grounded for balance. I can twirl on the ball of my foot with no issue and keep walking should I have to turn quickly. And, when I am resting, I noticed that I often point my toes. Friggin' ballet & modeling class. And no, I will not post the pic of me as a tap dancing bee.

2.) My first job, besides a brief stint at Lane Bryant during a couple months in the summer, was McDonalds. It was there I learned an answer to one of life's eternal questions: Never date twins.

3.) One of my fave ways to destress while mindlessly cleaning off the TiVo is to play one of the computer video games like "Diner Dash" or "Feeding Frenzy" for a little while. Sure, it's rotting my brain, but I'm not fuming about whatever pissed me off earlier in the day. Trust me, the world will thank me for it.

4.) Drink of choice: depends on what you have. I prefer a Captain & Diet Coke most of the time, but since I drank those way too much through college and have a bit of a tolerance, Baileys over ice also does in a pinch. Wine is a taste I just recently acquired (2 years and counting). Beer, notsomuch. However, if you come to my house, you will see a fully stocked bar. I don't necessarily drink the stuff - just mainly collect it to be a good hostess.

5.) Speaking of cocktails & all things Morgan - during a couple trips to Canada, I learned how to successfully smuggle extra Morgan into the country (and this is the good stuff - the dark rum that they don't sell in the US - Captain Morgan Private Stock is close but no banana). Tip: It involves cleavage, lots of flirting and a cute customs boy. Don't even attempt if you have a girl at the customs desk. Same with a cuban cigar *oops - did I say that??* Hey - any customs people that might be reading this - avert your eyes and beware of the blonde with the cleavage!

6.) Yeah, okay - I grew up in Mass, but I'm still a Philly girl at heart - and that involves all things Philly, including Philly Sports! Phillies, Eagles, 76ers, and Fliers - I will sit at a Red Sox game and root for the Phillies, even if I was with my dad. Meowmix wants me hung for not having any Patriots love. Bruins, I rooted for ONCE and in my defense, I was drunk and with A. & Meowmix. My family and friends up north will brand me a traitor - but, not for nothing, hey, at least I am a loyal wench.

7.) I have no tact. None, nada, nil. Now, I'm a gentler, kinder Lys than a Lys you might have met a few years ago. To demonstrate: during a cable theft sting Meowmix & I had to work in I want to say Lowell or some town near Lowell, Meowmix and I were told by one irate wench who tried to take my parking spot that Meowmix was the nice one and I was the $*tch. It was a parking spot - deal, right. However, if I think someone is full of crap, I tell them. And I can't sugarcoat it. I don't mean to offend - I just do. I'm a work in progress. Rest assured I'm trying, but I still get spoken to about it (again, and again, and again - I just don't have a tolerance for b.s.).

Now here's where it gets to where y'all might slap me silly. I'm supposed to tag 7 people. SOOOOOOOOOOOO.. NYKat, Michelle, Hotfessional, Sarah, Reese, Perfectly Plump Preppy, and *drum roll* Ana... If anyone else wants to play along, let me know :) Hey - I never said I really followed the letter of the law (in this case rules).

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