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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is That My Name There On That List...

I'm so excited. Your gal has been invited to a super swanky Jimmy Choo reception this evening at the Millenia Mall in honor of Orlando's Fashion Week. Yes, I know, I am as shocked as you - not just at the fact Orlando is hosting a "Fashion Week", but that Jimmy Choo has deemed me Choo Worthy.

First of all, I have never tried on, let alone worn Jimmy Choo - just admired from afar. I dropped by the store last week when I was window shopping (and violating the Neimans restraining order, but shhhh - that will be our little secret) and met one of their lovely sales gals who invited me to see the new lines they are having brought into the Orlando store. Plus, I get to have a couple cocktails, try on a couple pairs of shoes and just see what happens. All proceeds from this evening are being donated to a cancer charity (I wonder if they have a $10 keychain??). Both times I have been in that store, the customer service representatives have put some of the other high priced stores to shame (i.e. Chanel, LV & Dior). The people at JC have been super helpful, attentive and *gasp* nice.

In Orlando, the salespeople at Chanel wouldn't even acknowledge my existence when I was ready to buy something (I walked out), LV either stalks you with an attitude because they have to work or outright ignores you all together. Dior hasn't been the same since my gal S. left. While I normally love the Orlando Gucci, one time this dork there asked my father to leave for having a coffee (btw the guy is no longer there and my dad actually SHOPS at that Gucci, but whatevs) but when I wandered into Jimmy Choo, not only did the sales lady offer to hold my coffee so that I could actually TOUCH the shoes (Chanel - take a memo), she also inquired if I wanted anything - if they could get me anything from the back, etc. When I am ready to partake in a Choo Purchase, Orlando's own Jimmy Choo store will be "on the list"

So, I'm going to amend my list from the CLs & Manolos to include Jimmy Choo in the mix. Because, after all, I am an equal opportunity shoe fondler.

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