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Monday, November 19, 2007

A Picturesque Weekend In Review...

Well, only armed with my Blackberry camera, I was able to snap a few shots of my excursion this weekend as I was around Palm Beach and its vicinity...

First of all - what a way to start a Sunday... Ice Coffee by the ocean. EVERY morning should start this way. I will say it did wonders for my mood. If Florida wasn't so hurricane prone, I'd seriously think about living by the ocean.

Secondly - the place I stayed, Palm Beach Oceanfront Inn is my new little hideaway. My friends had me paranoid about West Palm Beach and Palm Beach and the area. From what I heard you can go into a nice area and then, boom - you can be at the gateway to hell. and I got to be fast friends while I read review after review and on, and on, and on. I had some pretty tight budget constraints (because, y'all know I wanted to hit up Sur la Table!). And I wanted cash back as well.
One thing I'm paranoid about with Florida hotels is the Palmetto bug syndrome. You know the type - they come scurrying out and then you bring them home inadvertently. I know Shadow wants friends but they are not going to be of the bug variety. I freak out over those suckers. They are a fact of life when living here in Florida, but if I don't have to encounter those suckers, even better! When I heard they have tiled floors instead of carpet - cool. I *love* that. Yeah - your feet are cold - whatever. No buggie eggs in the carpet which could lead to even more Palmetto nonsense. Here are a few snaps of the room. It's very Florida chic, but works for me.

They have a pool with a deck that overseas the ocean. However, as I wanted to give my credit card a workout, I decided that I'd go shopping in Palm Beach Gardens instead, wander around, grab some dinner, etc. As I had to get up pretty early (5:30) and I had already been up since 4:00 a.m., no cocktails for this gal.

I returned back to the hotel and crashed. Boy was I tired. Apparently I was so tired I even watched the Bionic Woman - and y'all KNOW me and Isaiah Washington are non-mixy things. I stopped watching Grey's due to his drama so when I saw him on this show I groaned and went looking for the remote - then I got sucked in. I finally fell asleep to the sweet sounds of CSI.

The next morning, I was packed and ready to go. But, courtesy of the hotel - they provided breakfast. Upon check in I got a voucher for a free Sunrise Breakfast at the Tides Restaurant. However, I was just not in the mood for eggs. As I was on a time crunch, I figured - lets go against the grain and not get the usual. I had to forgo the plan of the Crab Cake Benedict (don't THINK I won't try to make it at home - sounds rather interesting for a brunch, no?), I decided for something more "comforting". In foodie fashion, here's a shot. Notice the catalog placed nearby - I told you I loved Sur more than Vogue.

A well done breakfast coupled with my ice coffee allowed me to enjoy the view. I asked the waiter "How do you work here" and he was a bit baffled. I again said "Seriously, how do you work HERE" and looked out at the view. His response "It's a million dollar view - how could I not?". :::sigh::: If I had more time, I would have stayed longer and relaxed but it was off to the races for me.

Or more like here. But obviously, I can't really yip about that. Let's just say it was a fun experience.

This, IMO, was tacky. Who sponsors a watch tower...

But this was breathtaking - well the whole grounds were amazing. I just thought the clubhouse was too opulent for my tastes - gold trash baskets in the bathrooms? I thought I was in Lou Pearlman's house for a second.

But then, at the end of the day yesterday - I decided since it was on my way home anyway - another trip to The Sur was in order. And, that's a whole separate blog post unto itself and trust me when I say I went a bit loopy. So loopy that I wound up buying a couple bigger than planned items.

This sign, to me, is the gateway to heaven.

I loved meandering around Palm Beach, but sadly, I don't have the funds to become a resident. Oh well - I can visit and play tourist. And, if I'm really up for the challenge, I can visit heaven as it's only 3 hours away (and $21.60 in tolls, but shhhhhh).

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