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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Now For The Funny...

So many things happen from time to time, where I think "This would be hilar on the blog" and then I forget, things come up and I just can't always remember to put it here.

First of all - I live in an apartment complex where I personally think my building is the safest of any of them. Why you ask - because there are cops that live here. Cops that visit here. Cops run this building, you get the picture. I first really encountered the whole cop thing when I came home for the weekend from that 9to5 business trip I took last year. I got home from Ft. Myers around 1:30 in the morning and I saw a bunch of big frat lookin' guys hanging around. So not kosher with me but I did have my stilettos on and, for good measure, I had my keys between my fingers of my right hand because, as I am well aware, I have a mean right hook when need be. I ignore the frat pack and go upstairs via elevator to my 3rd floor abode only to see the frat pack on my damn floor. Oh hell naw - its on now. I was ready to roundhouse kick the lead frat boy if need be (I'm on the attack mode that late at night - just not in the playin' mood, ya know - too many Lifetime movies, I guess). All of a sudden, they turn around and are looking at me while they are 3 apartments away and the little short one I didn't notice before steps out of the pack and says "Just wanted to make sure you got in safely Miss". Little Rugrat is an Altamonte Cop. Awww. how sweet. So yeah, I've got the best building and they patrol each floor late at night to make sure everyone is tucked in nice and cozy.

So, when I first moved in, we have an assortment of cruisers parked out front and, from time to time their alarms go off. It take a few minutes but they get the alarms off quickly. Except one day. My dad happened to be staying in town that week and the alarm went off for 30 min. There was nothing I could do - I was at the 9to5. Well apparently someone in my complex got ticked and they called the Altamonte PD Dispatch to have them come out here and shut off the alarm. Altamonte cops were dispatched but there was one tinsy little problem - it was a City of Orlando cruiser. So Altamonte Dispatch had to call Orlando Dispatch and get the cop who was working on an undercover operation at the time to come back to his house and shut off the daggone cruiser. Tres embarrassing. Poor guy - I'm sure he got alot of flack for that. I've seen him around the building and he's a pretty decent guy - except for the fact he's a Mets fan as evidenced by the Mets Plate on the front of his truck. Oh well. Can't win 'em all.

What's your funniest home story?

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