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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Big Truck, Little Dingy

In my travels with my dad today, he was able to see something so rare that people up North wouldn't know how to describe.

Picture this, you're walking to the car after picking up a few things at Tar-Jay (did you know Hollywoud designs a line of bags and shoes for them. I'm not kidding!). Ok. Back to walking to the car and you hear the sounds of hardcore hip hop. No, not the Eminem fluffy bunny stuff. We're talking hardcore hip hop - bass thumping, speakers pumping, attention getting hip hop. Where is that coming from one wonders - and there is the culprit - truck up on big wheels, hydralics, and towing a SMALL Boat! No, not a get chicks type of boat. We're talkin one of those starter boats aka a dingy of sorts. The guy pumpin' the hip hop out of the loudspeakers - hardcore redneck, my guess Lake County or Polk County. My guess is he was cruising the Target/Home Depot parking lot looking for some action on a Saturday night. Sad, huh?

For a northern gal, it takes some getting used to, much like the palmetto bugs.

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