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Friday, November 02, 2007

Just a Teaser...

Trust me, I'm working on one heck of a post - just need to flush it out a bit.. .but I wanted to leave you with a little teaser of what I have fallen insanely in love with.

Let me set the stage - already I was heated from the Millenia Mall Fashion Week debacle of 2007, but after seeing Nina Garcia saunter by in her Christian Louboutin mules, I figured - "Just go to Neimans - you'll feel better. Go fondle the Manolos. They won't mind". I looked at a pair of Stuart Weitzmans that I was obsessing over and thought.. hmmm.. perhaps... I mean they are $285, but maybe at BlueFly they will be cheaper.

Then, like eyes meeting across a dimly lit room - I saw them. The Chanel Cap Toe Pump. In PEWTER, not the dirty off white & black like I saw up at Chanel. And, they were sitting all alone on the table just looking for a friend. How could I say no. So, upon picking them up to examine (again, and again, and again), I noticed - Size 41 aka 10.5. Hmmmm.. perhaps.

But how often is the shoe on the table my size - NEVER. I wear a 10, but I've learned with Euro sizing to go up 1/2 a size or a full size. So, I tried them on and it was like they were made for me. I teared up as I had to walk away as they were a little rich for my blood now, but I did take a picture to remember the moment (and to start stalking BlueFly).

Ladies & Gents - please meet the soon to be new addition to the Lys' Household. Now I just need to stop drinking coffee, buying groceries and start living on PB & J. I should have enough then for the shoes.

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