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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates...

Don't mind me - I'm in a Forrest Gump state 'o mind right now.

In reference to today's title, on my desk counter is a box of chocolates. I had picked it up for my boss' partner who had requested it for a presentation they were giving yesterday morning. However, in a quick tactical move, they switched their props to something non-chocolate related, thereby releasing said box of goodness for the office today. (Theory: You can't just buy a box of chocolates and only pay for the cherry filled one... you have to get the whole box. Brilliant - no?)

Well, sitting on my desk counter is said box and good cheer has been had by all (except those that do not put the cover back on the box - hello!!! Oy that drives me batty!). Foregoing my diet plans (because hello, during Project Hell, often I would forget to eat and/or would eat late and just was so over the whole cooking/eating/enjoying food bit!), I decided I could partake of one (or three). So, upon picking out one of the luscious treats, I bite into one and find Raspberry crème. While it's rather tasty, I would much prefer something more of a caramel in nature - or even coconut, but alas those ones are gone. How do I know, because Russell Stover prints a map of which goodies are where inside the box making it easy to locate whichever tasty treat you have your heart set on. And if those are gone, there are your 2nd or 3rd choices. If not, you are stuck with some mocha nut madness or apricot gelee and that's totally on you for not getting here sooner.

But looking at the box of chocolates along with a picture of my Bampa on my desk, I was reminded of something I used to do as a child. When we would go visit my Nana and Bampa, I would often go watch TV in the living room while the adults talked at the dining room table. Which, of course, I never minded as I'm not one for politics, etc. Plus, by being in the living room, there was often a box of chocolates on the coffee table. Well, I never really enjoyed the fruit crème filled chocolate ones, so I thought I was brilliant. I would poke holes in the bottom of the chocolate and, if it wasn't what I liked, I put it back. Listen, I was a wee one at the time, perhaps 8 or 9. I think my Bampa got wise to me because eventually there was no longer a box of chocolates but a plate full of Hershey Kisses on the table every time we came over.

After remembering the above, I felt this urge to squish the bottom of the chocolate that I had picked. Perhaps I would have found a 2nd or 3rd choice instead. However, I wouldn't have put the damaged chocolate back in the box. I'm a bit wiser now.

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