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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Brief Missive From Station Command aka the Hotel...

Yesterday's day of rest was quite invigorating, to say the least. Now we're at March 1 - 16 days until one of my favorite holidays - and tonight is our last night in Philly.

Have we taken alot of pictures, ummm.. no. I have had to use the covert cam when we went to a concert the other night and took a couple shots here and there. Today, it will be cameras, cocktails and carousing.

Yesterday it was all about the shopping. We hit up Sur La Table (after I got lost - AGAIN), yours truly only spent a little bit because I couldn't bring alot home but I did fondle the pots and decide that a Le Creuset Fondue Pot is next on the list of "must haves" along with a double boiler (I saw a copper one that was gorgeous!), a new bigger dutch oven and before I can go bat ass crazy, I must get a standing pot rack. My cabinets won't stand a chance if I don't.

We also hit up the Cherry Hill mall and it was quite nice. Got a few things, will disclose later and now I'm heading out to brunch with Reese & CK, going to catch up with Jas and a couple others and then tonight we're out and about. Tomorrow - it's back to the Florida heat and I will try and post pics tonight. Pinky swear!

And that's my update from the front. Lys out!

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