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Just Because...

Friday, February 22, 2008

-17 In Philly...

Reese texts me this morning with "Its -17 in Philly! I can't go there!! It's only raining in LA"

That prompts me to look out the window and I see patches of sun and clouds. Its in the 60s here in Orlando and I am sans jacket - my favorite type of winter attire. It can't be -17.

-17 Degrees means:

I'm scared now and I have to do a whole wardrobe planning overhaul. Because, clearly, in Orlando we shiver when it drops below 60. And then I need to pack the meds, airborne and everything else I might need "just in case" because Sick is NOT fabulous. Sick means no cocktails. Sick means no energy. Sick means lookin' a hot mess. And I am making a point to take lots of pictures with the new snazzy camera. I can't be all Rudolph-y Red Nose in the photos of my work/vacation. Oh HELL to the no.

Then I get this text from the Philly version of Joey Tribbiani - our soon to be famous actor friend CK: "1-3 inches of snow and ice today..."

Wowza - snow/ice/wth??? He must be playin'. I think I need to have a cocktail now to deal with the information overload.

Snow and Ice equals


I think I need to re-evaluate the shopping and plans. I also think we need to put it out there for fabulous weather much like we're used to.

The things we do for the love of PR... and, for the love of shopping... and, of course, for our friends (who need to ply us with wine, lots and lots of wine)

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