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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ahhhh The Anticipation... (With Flashback Photos!)

Well, the anticipation of the impending craziness that is to be Philly 2008 was all the more solidified today by the arrival of the "party cam" - aka a small tiny electric blue FujiFinePix camera that can fit into my clutch/pocket/cleavage which will get incriminating shots of my friends at play. See, I'm still the publicist - I take the photos - I don't get IN the photos. Isn't this camera purty?

The last trip, you might remember,
we were able to get photos of "da club" and the NJAquanet patrol via the blackberry. That, in a pinch or covert operation, does well. This weekend, however, we will need the heavy artillery. I mean, or we'll wind up with pics like this - not that our male friends really minded the recap with pictures that was blogged shortly thereafter...

Basically, when we all get together, good times are bound to be had. And, somehow there is always lots of cocktails flowing, conversation galore, the occasional dance fest and calls/texts from those that were unable to attend. We throw a hell of a good bash - ask Reese!
And yes, since Reese brought it up in the comments, it is true. One night after a soiree, someone who shall go unnamed whipped out a tape for reminiscing and lo and behold, there was yours truly dancin' her little heart out in a damn bubble mini skirt along with everyone else. In my defense, it was 1988, I was 16 ' nuff said. However, you know, even with the bubble skirt your girl had the outfit in check (even the bubble was "checked" - yeah I know, lame joke) right down to the stilettos. Sadly, my hair was teased beyond belief due to one overzealous regular with a can of Aquanet and a hair pick who accosted me during wardrobe change *cough cough* Damn Diane *cough cough*. It could be worse tho - our gal Sus always wore a big azz bow. .

Here's the blackmail photo from 1988. Don't. Even. Go. There. Consider it an early Christmas gift.

Let's get more to current day, shall we. On my desk is a pic of some of our favorite boys. This was snapped a few years ago at Reese's birthday party (she flew cross country for cake and cocktails, y'all!) and much picture taking was had. I found the photo albums online when I was hunting for the scanned photo and oh. my lordy - between the club and the dinner we had earlier, it was camerafest galore.
This is Sal (who we never see), Rom, EJ, Ty, CK and it's just one of those photos that was utterly random. You halfway expect someone to have said "Yo Baby Yo Baby Yo" because, I have to say two of them in that photo often belted it out at inopportune times.

And since she brought up bubble skirt, we'll consider this partial photo retribution. May I present, Madden 2007. Never go to Dave & Busters with Reese & EJ. Those two competitive crazy kids went nuts.

So, with that, I will be blogging off and on - still trying to do NaBlahBlah so if I do a couple one liners or random ramblings about people we encounter, be kind. And, be prepared for a photofest when I return. That is, if I'm not recovering from the cocktails...

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